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Try this solution in Hobby Lobby case

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I have the answer for the Supreme Court in the Hobby Lobby case concerning providing contraceptive health insurance coverage.

The court should rule that Hobby Lobby can provide coverage that does not cover contraception, but that since it should have to cover reproductive health care without contraception, there would be an added premium that the company would have to pay for this coverage, since without contraception there will be higher benefits to be paid for reproductive health services. But then, as soon as the insurance coverage takes effect, the individual employee can petition the insurance company to change the policy to cover contraception and immediately and on a yearly basis get contraceptive coverage as well as a refund of the difference in premium from what the company pays to withhold contraceptive coverage and what a policy with contraceptive coverage costs. This way Hobby Lobby will be paying the real cost of assuaging its conscience. This ruling would allow Hobby Lobby to be consistent with its religious beliefs as well as the employees to be consistent with their own religious beliefs about contraception.

My guess is that Hobby Lobby won't even bother to take advantage of this deal, since, as the Huffington Post reports, they are well-invested in the companies that make all these "evil" contraceptives. Come on, it's all about money, isn't it Hobby Lobby?

John Stopple  •  Kirkwood

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