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So it has come to this. Washington, at least the Senate, is on the verge of passing another so-called immigration bill that is chock full of goodies and surprises that no one has taken the time to read, with the exception of those who are loading it up with giveaways.

This is another example of how the people we elect to represent us are doing nothing of the sort. Rather, they are simply in it to win it for themselves. The bill is nothing more than a grand scheme to turn out more votes for Democrats. This is their modus operandi and is nothing new.

What makes it worse now is that Republicans are complicit in the scheme. So, effectively we have no representation in Washington. It will be interesting to see how the House reacts when it gets the bill. Speaker John Boehner has already telegraphed that he wants a bill to get done. That is a bad sign.

I won't state the problem, though, without a solution. Since the 100 members of the Senate and 435 members of the House seem to think that we the people serve them instead of the other way around, here is my plan: In 2014 and 2016, I will not vote for any incumbent running for office, local or national. Incumbency is shredding the Constitution and tearing the republic apart by spending practically the entire wealth of the nation just to secure more votes.

In the process of running the economy into the ground, Washington has basically made all of the American people indentured servants to the state, effectively making slaves of each and every one of us. It was never intended for the three branches of government to operate this way, and should not be allowed to stand. We don't need term limits; we need people to get out and vote.

Mark Belgeri  •  Shrewsbury