All eyes on election returns at watch party for U.S. Rep. Ann Wagner

U.S. Rep. Ann Wagner thanks her supporters at her watch party at the Village Bar and Restaurant in Des Peres on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018. Photo by Robert Cohen,

Who is Rep. Ann Wagner, and whom does she represent? I recently called her Ballwin office to ask for her position on universal background checks for guns. Her assistant told me that she has not come up with a position on that yet. I asked: Does Wagner think it is time to take a stand?

Children are being killed in shootings seemingly almost daily in the city. And although she represents St. Louis County, she should know that what occurs in the city impacts our entire community. I was told I would have a written response to my question, but, not surprisingly, I received none.

And, does Ann Wagner conduct town hall forums to answer her constituents? All we’ve got from her is inarticulate and deafening silence.

If no one else is willing to stand up to her lack of moral leadership, I am willing to help lead. May God's blessings be on our country and our children.

Rich Fanning • Glendale