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We can't afford to keep giving and giving

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Record spending and record deficits; how much further in debt can the United States go?

It's time for this country to start looking at who we give money to and how much we give. It's time for this country to stop being the biggest and best contributor to every country that comes to us asking for a hand out. If the president wants to put a limit on government spending, one choice that should be made is the amount of aid given to foreign countries. No longer can the United States be the largest contributor in the world for every cause or every country without the rest of the free world taking part and making a contribution as well. All the countries that have been members of the United Nations as well as those recently accepted as members should be making contributions. No one country should be counted on to make up for the short falls when the rest of the members are not doing their fair share. The United States should put a limit on how much any country asking for assistance should be allowed to receive. Once that limit is reached, there is no more and those seeking monetary assistance should look to other nations or the United Nations for additional help. Other countries feel it is not their responsibility or the United States will give anything and everything to anyone that asks. Our country is running on a deficit and is borrowing money from China, yet we cannot take care of what needs to be done right here. European countries are taking care of their infrastructures and economies, why can't we? It is time to stop giving away what can be used right here.

We cannot afford to keep giving money away, bringing anyone and everyone here someone feels needs medical care, financial assistance, educations, loans to start businesses, housing, and jobs when our own people are having trouble getting help.

It's not about being uncaring or turning our backs on anyone, just put a limit on how much we can do and how much we can afford. Let the rest of the world contribute their fair shares if additional help is needed. We can no longer do this alone.

Jim Kozlowski

St. Louis

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