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Regarding “Near-total ban on abortion approved by Missouri House, heads to governor” (May 18): I am appalled that the Missouri Legislature would ban abortion after eight weeks. We’ve now joined the list of “Most Stupid States in the Union” thanks to their action.

The Republicans are messing with women’s health care decisions, and we won’t tolerate it for long. Lawmakers should be prepared for the fight of their lives in the next election, because they have stirred a hornet’s nest.

Women will not stand for our health decisions being left up to a bunch of largely outstate lawmakers who have no concept of what a rape does to a woman’s soul when she becomes impregnated by a violent criminal. Or, when a woman is carrying a sick and dying baby in her womb and must make a gut-wrenching decision to abort. Or, the fear of dying and leaving other children behind because she can stroke out at any moment during pregnancy from preeclampsia — when both mom and baby could die.

They might be gleeful about stripping us of our choices right now, but Missouri legislators will soon regret holding this extreme vote to hurt women, and they should expect a multitude of Missouri women going into the voting booths next year to kick their sorry butts to the curb because we refuse to allow them to control us, our bodies or our most intimate decisions. We will stand up and fight back against their tyranny toward women.

Rusti Levin • University City