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JB Floyd, president of LeadValets, announced the launch of the agency’s new lead generation program for the cosmetic dentistry industry. Generating leads and acquiring new customers is a time consuming task. The new program at LeadValets accelerates the process and enables cosmetic dentists to spend more time focusing on treating their patients.

“After several success stories with cosmetic dentist clients, we recognized a need for lead generation for the dental practices,” said JB. “Unfortunately, there is a lack of strong knowledge of this ad space, how to market, and succeeding in the patient experience and qualified lead part of the puzzle.”

Mr. Floyd noted that cosmetic dentists are making positive changes in people’s lives and are really smile enhancement professionals which create dramatic result in their patient’s appearance. Creating and implementing a marketing plan requires a significant amount of time. It takes focus away from patients and the day-to-day operation of a dental practice that adversely affects profitability. LeadValets is changing that paradigm.

“We love being part of what dentists accomplish and helping the community in need of their services to find the best cosmetic dentist in their area, connecting with them, and creating a life-changing event in a patient’s life,” said JB. “Our clients are able to see dramatic results in their practice and we help relieve them of worry over revenue growth. Our clients can focus on their patients, provide more individualized care, and help more people. It is a win-win-win situation.”

LeadValets is a top-rated lead generation and digital marketing agency providing a full range of services focusing on lead generation, search engine optimization, and social media marketing utilizing a analytical approach. Each solution at the agency is tailored to the needs of the client. Individuals can book a one-hour session to discuss lead generation and how the agency can help.

The agency has more than 32 years of experience and knowledge in all facets of sales, marketing and customer service. LeadValets can aid clients with the structuring of their practice for greater efficiency and more effective revenue cycles that result in enhanced growth and less hands-on management.

In today’s world, a dentist’s digital footprint and property is just as important as their physical practice. LeadValets manages clients’ online presence to make it relevant and attractive to potential patients, while increasing clients’ authority in their field.

The new lead generation program for the cosmetic dentistry industry by LeadValets helps clients increase revenue through improved leads, consulting services and marketing expertise. The agency specializes in helping clients become the local expert in their field of expertise and create multiple new potential patients to maximize revenue.


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