Missouri on the verge of energy deregulation

House Bill to be voted on in August 2021. If passed, Missouri residents could potentially lower their energy bills.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: St. Louis, MO – The U.S. electric industry is undergoing a change in the way it delivers electricity to millions of households and businesses nationwide. The $220 billion industry, which has been called the last great government-sanctioned monopoly, is slowly but surely being deregulated and opened to competition, giving consumers the power to choose their electricity provider in much the same way they choose telephone carriers or airlines.

This is the primary difference between providers such as Ameren UE and companies such as Commercial Energy Consultants (CEC) (http://www.trycec.com) . The former sees competition as a threat to its monopoly and is working overtime to squash it, whereas companies such s CEC see competition as a great way to up their game and help consumers save money.

According to Mike Grimes, President and CEO of CEC, “Utility companies like Ameren, by law, have to supply power to everyone, including those who are unable to pay their bills. Plus. Ameren cannot make money on supplies, so they have no incentive to look for lower rates. Plus, they have to pass on supplies to consumers without markup”. He added “By picking a supplier, consumers are getting the exact same power with less overhead.”

CEC is banking on Missouri residents to educate their local Legislators to vote to pass a House Bill when it is presented for vote on the House floor in the State’s Capitol in August.  The company has invested in providing a button on their website which sends an email to each respective legislator requesting them to consider passing the bill.

Missouri residents who are interested in lowering their monthly utility bills are invited to visit the company’s website (http://www.trycec.com), click on the support deregulation in Missouri button and fill out the requested information. “If Missouri residents continue to use the State’s default energy provider, then they are paying too much money” said Grimes.

About Mike Grimes:

After 30 years’ experience in the financial industry as a Charter Retirement Placement Counselor (CRPC), Mike turned his talents for assisting and counselling his clients on their investments to helping them to reduce the cost of their energy bills. Mike discovered how energy deregulation could save millions of dollars per year for residents and commercial businesses.

Eleven years’ ago, he started Commercial Energy Consultants in the States of Texas, Georgia and recently Illinois. In the past eleven years he has gained 8000 customers with over 1 billion KWH/therm tunder contract and has 150 energy reps. He has been CEO of Commercial Energy Consultants for over 11 years and is passionate about spreading the word on deregulation.

About CEC:

Commercial Energy Consultants is a national company that provides the best energy saving solutions for businesses and residences to reduce their monthly energy expenses. The process is founded around energy deregulation, a shockwave that has begun tearing down the strongholds of non-competitive energy markets around the country.

For further information on Commercial Energy Consultants, please visit the company’s website at http://www.trycec.com , contact Mike Grimes at 877-212-1400 or email mike@trycec.com

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