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"You Coming to Golden Paws?"

People are fed up with their jobs and ready to join the record number of Americans who quitting. According to a JOLTS survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), through September, over 3.5 million Americans (fastest since 2001) quit their jobs every month, so many the BLS  has named them “Quits”.  Job dissatisfaction is not just about pay, as seen in a recent survey from Boston Consulting Group, employees cited top factors for job happiness as, “Being Appreciated for Work” #1, “Good Work-Life Balance” #3, "Job Opportunities and Security #6 & #7, with money #8 in importance!

For people who like animals, a somewhat hidden but very much in-demand career exists, that  according to surveys, has what people look for in a job - financial & advancement opportunity, unique daily activity, full time 30 hr. work weeks with flexible hours/days, what is it? Professional Pet Styling! And not just those seeking employment but for the entrepreneurs among us, the nearly 40% of men and ¼ of women who want to be their own boss, author Melissa Llarena of Career Outcomes Matter reports even higher numbers, it is one of the last few affordable businesses for the average person and career training can be had in as little as 8 weeks(CNBC).  Employee or entrepreneur, the best benefit you’ll enjoy as a professional pet stylist is being engaged on daily basis doing what you love and having the appreciation of clients for making their furry family members beautiful and taking care of them.

The BLS calls the outlook bright for pet groomers as demand continues to soar. For Stephen Mart of a leading career center for groomers, “The chronic lack of groomers for the last 60 yrs. is a result of the career being obscure almost hidden from public, (and the rapidly growing dog & cat pet population)that will take decades to fill”. While this shortage presents  opportunities for those in the field it can be cause for concern to almost half (45.9%) of Missouri’s homeowners who have dogs (4th largest in the nation) they think of as family members. Who are often shocked to learn unlike cosmetology, there is no professional licensure required of groomers or that pet groomers (or the places they work for) can and do add unearned, self-assigned titles or acronyms to their name. (exception: titles earned and awarded by a recognized industry organization such as Nationally Certified Master Groomer (N.C.M.G,). 

Training requirement or no, it’s foolish to put a beloved pet at risk without first acquiring the skill and knowledge required to be a competent & professional “canine cosmetologist”. Groomers need highly specialized skills to groom over 200 AKC breed designs, unlimited custom pet designs with training skills and knowhow to communicate with pets and gain their cooperation and protect them with knowledge of all safety procedures, meet deadlines, possess a working knowledge of pet health, CPR and other first aid along with the ability to talk with clients. 

As one state legislator said of mandatory groomer training in a proposed bill,  “would prevent a teller (butcher, candlestick maker) today becoming a dog groomer tomorrow”. Several states have bills in legislature that require some form of pet groomer licensing, but none have yet passed. Most are introduced or reintroduced after a rash of tragic accidents occur during routine grooming with some leading to the death of a pet. PETA, the animal protection group noting the frequency of these occurrences, encourages pet parents or “guardians” “to check if a groomer successfully graduated a training program or is a member of a trade organization, saying, participation in the industry often indicates professionalism”.

Alice Richter, owner & Chief Administrator of Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy in Osage Beach is a firm believer in training for the career and lifelong education. She intentionally keeps professional pet styling, bathing and management classes small to spend more one on one time with students. Alice is licensed and trained in Golden Paws proprietary school system, procedures and training methods that have trained successful graduates for 40-years. The school is only one of 2 in the state certified to operate by Missouri’s Higher Board of Education and is an ETPS provider for WIOA funding.

Please call Mitzi Parrish at 888-808-7297 or email for more information.

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