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Treasure in St. Louis

A small portion of the treasure hidden in St. Louis.

St. Louis, MO: On August 31, Wondervent LLC launched its event crowdfunding platform with a treasure hunt in St. Louis. Over $1000 in prizes are hidden in five treasure boxes scattered throughout the city for anyone to find. The details and (eventually) clues to find them can be found on the company's website,, along with a list of the prizes.

In addition to announcing Wondervent’s existence, this event showcases one of the many different kinds of events that can be run on the Wondervent platform. So why a treasure hunt specifically? According to one of the co-founders, "It seemed like a great way to give people something novel to do, raise awareness of our existence, and establish ourselves as omnipotent, capricious puppet masters in a game of our own design." 

The Wondervent platform is a crowdfunding space for events of all kinds, from things as small as group discounts on tickets or get-togethers with your friends to things as large as conventions or concerts. “Because you aren’t committed to running an event unless there is enough interest, there’s a lot less risk involved. So, a lot more novelty is possible.”

And as for that treasure? Clues are released as more people sign up, so joining the event not only makes you part of the hunt, it heats up the action for everyone involved. Check it out at

You can contact Wondervent for more information at

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