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Poplar Street Bridge LOVE Billboard

This board went up on MLK Day on east bound I-40 on the Missouri side of the Poplar Street Bridge. This was also the billboard that had a few seconds of video footage appear in a Jason Mraz music video. It ran for 9 weeks in that location.

Another helping of big love is appearing in downtown St. Louis on Friday, June 14th, just in time for the 2019 Blues Championship Parade & Rally on Saturday!

Nine months ago John Pogachar, a life and health coach, began putting up several large billboards with merely the word LOVE on them around his hometown of Spokane. When 11 people were killed at a synagogue in Pittsburgh on Oct. 27, 2018 he arranged to put one up near there too.

The goal was to bring love—with no strings attached—no hidden agenda—to not only his city but places around the country that needed it the most.

After hearing about the Love on Every Billboard project from her friend John, Carole Glauser of Kirkwood fell in love with the idea and decided to join his budding movement by paying to put one up in the St. Louis metropolitan area in December. She launched a GoFundMe campaign that paid for a second billboard and then a third, fourth, and fifth. The one going up Friday is the sixth love billboard to go up in the metro area over the past 6 months.

It is number 74 in the world-wide Love on Every Billboard Movement which has reached 10 states and 4 countries: Washington, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Michigan, Montana, Iowa, California, Oklahoma, Texas—USA, Canada, Russia, Ukraine. There's also an interest, and in a few cases GoFundMe campaigns, to bring the billboards to Illinois, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Austria, Australia, and England.

“I was very excited by the idea proposed to me by my sales rep with Outfront Media. He knew I was trying to raise enough funds to get another love board up soon and suggested it might be cool to get one up in the downtown area near the parade route for the Blues,” Glauser, co-founder of a nonprofit in St. Louis, said. "He made me an offer I could not refuse and we hatched the plan to get it up quickly so the giant love message would be visible to all the people at the parade on Saturday.” 

The 14’x48’ love board will be installed Friday morning in the heart of downtown St. Louis next to Busch Stadium along eastbound I-40. 

“I have received so much overwhelmingly kind feedback from people who have seen the love billboards and heard about it in our local news,” Glauser said. “I think it is a powerful visual that draws you in and brings your attention into the present moment awareness where you receive the high energy vibration of that amazing 4-letter word. That can be life altering!”

“It has been fun and rewarding seeing how this all unfolds,” commented Glauser. “It was particularly cool that we got a mention on the Today Show on Valentine’s Day, and that video footage of the love billboard that was on the river’s edge by the Poplar Street Bridge made it into a Jason Mraz music video for his song Love is Still the Answer!”

"There is more to come...we have only touched the surface where is going," Pogachar said.

Pogachar first got the idea for the project when he was communing in nature during an August 2018 camping trip in California. He decided to throw down his own money for one and see what happened, like a social experiment. The interest to donate to the project from each community, he said, has been inspiring.

He hopes that those who see the love billboards while driving or walking by will also be inspired to act.

"I hope they want to do something caring, whether it be opening the door for someone, paying for another customer's coffee or letting a motorist merge onto the freeway in front of them," he said. "I hope it gives them pause to say 'love is what we need.'"

For more information on the Love on Every Billboard St. Louis campaign, go to

For more information on the Love on Every Billboard Movement, go to


John Pogachar of Spokane, Washington can be reached for interviews at 509-995-0107 or via email at

Carole Glauser of Kirkwood, Missouri can be reached at 314-570-5704 or at

The latest billboard will go up on the south side of east bound I-40/64, at the 6th street exit adjacent to Busch Stadium and on the roof of the building attached to Paddy O’s.

(These courtesy photo shows the previous love billboards that have been up in the St. Louis metro area over the last 6 months.)

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