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In today’s world, people have obtained more information than the time before. Science and drug are going at its peak like no other time envisioned by man. We have greater streams and luxury ships, quicker PCs, and supportive medications for specific diseases now.

Yet still, the positive role of a church in our lives continue to prosper. Churches in the life of the 21st-century devotee are basic since it fills a void in our hearts. How? Let just say that a vehicle needs fixing, it is conveyed to the technician shop to get fixed. Or let just say that somebody is ill, he or she has to be taken to a hospital or clinic to look for therapeutic consideration. Same as that, Developing Our World helps people to recognize that Church is the place individuals ought to go in the event that they need "inner peace" or maybe a “spiritual fix.” It is a place to receive the Gospel, the forgiveness of sins, and the salvation in Jesus Christ. The church is as important as a medical clinic.

So, for what reason, we need to contribute to a church? At Developing Our World, we offer help, we donate, and we provide different strategic services which resolve the common problems faced by our society. So, we trust that despite what is said about holy places, individuals expect that their life issues can be tended to in some design or structure. With all the pressure and troubles of their reality overloading their psyches, individuals need a place that gives Bible-based answers, a Biblical equipping, and a place that guides them as no other place can.

Individuals need their physical, emotional and spiritual requirements to be taken care of. We are living in an insane reality today. We should give what we can to help each other. We need to give so we can strengthen our people, our surroundings, our community, and our world.

Some Positive Outcomes Churches Bring to Our Communities

Developing Our World’s mission is to put Holistic Community Development into practice. We urge you to come forward and donate in building Churches. Why? Because, to begin with, the presence of a church gives direct hope to its people. It helps you go through a tough time. The presence of a church in the community can support you and your family throughout the proclamation and demonstration of God’s love. It can provide a range of opportunities to re-build your past. It can help the neighborhood through their support. The existence of a church in an area enables different families in choosing where they will build their living. Generally, this depends on the confidence and faith you have with God. But still, the presence of a church help creates a better human connection. It builds community.

Similarly, the presence of a church gives a social advantage to the local community. Helping poor people, helping the powerless, restoring broken marriage connections, endeavoring to diminish wrongdoing through good and giving volunteerism are only a couple of the social advantages which a church offers. These are some of the different services they provide for the community. Most importantly, a large number of these services are given without expense, hence profiting all the members of society.

Equally, churches offer civic engagement and education as well.  Services, for example, after-school care, singing lessons or mentoring. Even, skill development among different people by helping them stepping forward in their lives. Additionally, churches take an interest in city occasions, for example, regular festivals or unique occasions. From giving a treat to kids, giving out goody bags to grown-ups, or sharing kind expressions of welcome, the presence of a church helps put “Smile” on our community’s face.

Most importantly, it is believed that the presence of churches helps reduce wrongdoings and crimes. When a person links his or her self with the church and lets out their mistakes, this confession of their sins helps them to calm down. Church reliably diminishes magnitudes of wrongdoing in the community. This advantage of having a church brings peace in the society, and social order.

Lastly, churches promote the physical and mental health of people. Church participation shows the dedication of a person for good. Many reports have appeared that liquor misuse and medication use was decreased in the neighborhood when churches were made. Also, church participation has been appeared to diminish pressure and stress. It gives people hope for a peaceful and healthy living life.


We are living in risky and drastic times. Doing just a little can bring a better chance in life. So, our team at “Developing Our World” encourage you to contribute in building a Church. Doing so can help you and your community flourish. Directed little gatherings ought to be reified in holy places to be accessible to address the issues in every devotee's life. Regardless of the chapel measure, each church can give services and efforts for betterment. To the best of its facility, churches can give spiritual aid, services, administrations, advising, and counsel to those in need.

About the Author

Miguel Torneire is an enthusiastic supporter, a husband, a father, an author, and a missionary, working as an Executive Director at Developing Our World, an organization dedicated to helping out people from the USA to people in South Central and North America, as well as Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. He is an eclectic and enthusiastic contributor to St. Louis Post-Dispatch. He loves playing soccer, practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and bicycling. His work allows him to equip leaders in the USA and around the world for creating better communities. 

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