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Independence Center Members Learn Video Editing Skills from Technology Partners

(ST. LOUIS – August 6, 2019) Eight Independence Center members recently took part in a free, three-hour social media and video editing workshop organized by Technology Partners, a partner of Independence Center.  


Technology Partners social media manager, Christian Brown, taught the class on the basics of using Premiere Pro, a video editing software. He said the goal was to make the technology seem less overwhelming.    


“When you first start working in Premiere Pro, it can seem like a really daunting program, but my goal is to remove the fear around technology and editing,” said Brown. “This training will hopefully give these members a new or enhanced skill that they can use to make their own creative projects or eventually utilize for a potential job.”


As part of Independence Center’s mission to help those struggling with mental illness through its community-based rehabilitation program, the Center operates a multimedia lab which allows members to create newscasts for the Center once a week. Independence Center Business Development Manager, Abby Berger, said this training workshop was the perfect way for Independence Center to offer a valuable resource to its members, especially younger adults. 


“As mental illness typically onsets for most people between the ages of 18 and 25, we are always looking for opportunities to engage with our younger member population through activities they enjoy and that can provide them with meaningful job skills,” said Berger. “Of course, anything related to videos or technology is perfect for that and it was exciting to see how engaged they were with the skills they learned.”


24-year-old Independence Center Member, Victor Wright, first started coming to Independence Center a few months ago and said video editing gives him a creative outlet.


“Everyone my age watches YouTube all the time so I’m very familiar with this format. It’s cool that I’m learning the skills to make my own videos now,” said Wright.


Independence Center is a community-based rehabilitation program for adults with mental illness in the St. Louis area, built on the Clubhouse model of psychosocial rehabilitation. Its mission is to provide all the services and resources a person with a serious and persistent mental illness needs to manage their symptoms, find belonging and purpose and gain the independence to live a healthy, quality life. For more information about Independence Center, go to

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