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June10, 2019

CATHERINE SCHLEIFFARTH-KERR                                           941-228-9654                           




                      The Unknown Prominent St. Louis Architect:


    Did you know that Raymond Maritz of the well-known architectural firm of Maritz and Young was originally partnered with Gale E. Henderson out of Washington University?

In 1920 Gale Henderson left the firm to partner with Angelo Corrubia of Cann and Corubia and their business manager Ridgley Young then became Maritz’s partner.

  Did you know that Gale Henderson, and Angelo Corrubia designed St. Ambrose Church on “The Hill”, Garavelli’s Restaurant, and along with James Jamieson, designed the Collegiate masterpiece: The Charles Dunker Hall at Washington University?

   Gale E. Henderson, as a solo architect, designed homes for many prominent St. Louis families in the early 20th century including Branch Rickey, Samuel Fordyce, The Switzer licorice family, the Kerchoffs of Pevely Dairy, David P. Wohl, and many more.   

   Lovely Henderson designed homes and churches are scattered across the affluent neighborhoods of St. Louis; including the St. Louis County Club grounds, Westmoreland and Kingsbury Place and many more prominent residences in Ladue and Clayton, Huntleigh, and Creve Coeur. Many of his homes are registered on The National Register of Historic Places.

  Gale Henderson’s grand daughter, Catherine Schleiffarth-Kerr, is not only writing a book about all of Gale’s accomplishments, but also about the early men and women who shaped St. Louis in the early twentieth century, who were his clients.

   Mary and Jane Henderson, daughters of the architect, who are 100 and 93 years old, have assisted Catherine in writing the book. They recall their father, his work, and the early days of St. Louis.

 “It is such a joy to interview a Gale Henderson homeowners and see the tremendous love they all have for their homes! Absolutely everyone I have met with rave of the Gale’s work. The solid construction materials, and architectural details are a testament to a time gone by and Gale’s great artist skills. It is a shame to see some of the homes and other great works of architecture in St. Louis being torn down.” states Schleiffarth.

Her book is expected to be completed January 2020.

   You can contact us for interviews or to pre-register to order the book at or 941-228-9654

  You can Google: 8 Radnor Drive, 8 Fordyce Lane and 18 Pine Valley Drive. These are Gale Henderson mansions that have on-line videos, or pick up a St. Louis Magazine in June as a mansion he designed in 1915 is featured.

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