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Dara and Blake Ashby

The candidate and his lovely wife

Fix What We Have.Blake Ashby for President

Ferguson Resident Blake Ashby announces presidential bid,

saying somebody needs to stand up for Democratic Capitalism.

Ashby announced he was running for President of the United States on the Libertarian ticket.  “We need to fix what we have” said Ashby, “not rip it out by the roots.  And that means getting back to Democratic Capitalism.” 

Ashby lays out the case for democratic capitalism, the free market moderated by democracy.  He noted how we have slipped away from its principals, from ensuring everyone gets in the game, everyone benefits and everyone plays by the same set of rules.  He noted “We don’t need crazy new contortions of government.  We just need to get back to what we know works. We need to get to back democratic capitalism.”

The Libertarian Party is the answer our country needs.  Our country has been pulled off track by the extremes in both of the major parties.  But the extremes on either side aren’t the answer - the middle is the answer.  The middle is the Libertarian Party.  The middle is the free market moderated by democracy.  We need to fix what we have.

Ashby will be running a non-traditional campaign, building support for his candidacy leading up to the election.

About Blake Ashby

Blake is a practical Libertarian, believing that in our interconnected world we do need a strong, but constrained, national government.  He believes  that we must always start from the assumption that individuals are better off doing things for themselves if they can, and then work backwards from there to the right balance, to the most practical role for government.  

Blake Ashby is a business consultant and sometimes entrepreneur that lives with his wife Dara (and dogs) in Ferguson, Missouri.  Many years ago he was involved in Republican politics, working for candidates for Governor and Congress.  Frustrated by the direction of the Republican Party, he ran as a protest candidate in the 2004 Republican President Primary, and left the party several years ago.  He formally joined the Libertarian Party earlier this year.

Running a non-traditional campaign, Blake will be working to build support for his candidacy leading up to the 2020 Libertarian National Convention in May.  Organizations interested in having Blake speak can reach the campaign at

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