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Case 32:Ms. E is a single parent of five children. She works full time but does not have enough income to cover all the household expenses. Ms…

Despite our best attempts at home organization, many of us have some habits that undo our efforts. Just ask the top of my dresser, which holds a growing pile of clothing. The hamper may be only a few feet away and available drawer space located directly below, yet clothing magically lands atop the dresser instead.

If you have a newer top-load washing machine, you know that it helps to have the height of an NBA player to reach in and retrieve the clothes.

Buying secondhand children’s clothes ensures that no new resources go into the production of the clothing and is one of the best ways to reduce the impact of your clothing in general.

You might be paying more to do your laundry than you need to. If you’ve been doing your laundry at peak hours, your electric company is charging you more than if you do it at off-peak times. TikTok creator @ingzthinks shows you how to figure out the most economical time to wash your clothes.

If you dread packing for a vacation, try leaving the hangers on your clothes. Simply fold them into the suitcase like @livingwithlandyn does so you can easily pull them out and hang them once you arrive at your destination.

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