Blues host Stars

A scuffle ensues involving Blues defender Alex Pietrangelo, Stars center Joe Pavelski, Blues goal keeper Jordan Binnington and Stars left wing Jamie Benn at the Blues goal after the final seconds of the game on Saturday, Oct. 5, 2019, in a game at Enterprise Center in St. Louis, Mo. Photo by Christian Gooden,

QUESTION: There was some smoke yesterday with the Blues being in Toronto that a new Pietrangelo deal may be imminent, but appears to be no fire at this point. That said, Petro seems like a guy that would take less AAV if he got longer term. What is a happy medium for Armstrong and Petro in terms of AAV/years?

BENFRED: Yes, I saw P-D teammate Jim Thomas make that connection (Toronto is Petro's hometown), and it's a smart one. No surprise coming from JT.

I'm not sure what you mean by Petro seems like a guy who would trade AAV for term. What do guys like that seem like? I ask because the captain has been pretty buttoned-up about his wishes when we've asked. And a lot of how this plays out is going to come down to his priorities.

If he wants to be the highest-paid defenseman, for example, that might be close to impossible for the Blues to pull off. If he wants to factor in the value of being a captain of a championship-caliber team and not have to relocate his family from a town that will forever love him for winning a Cup, then that probably does have some value. How much? Without knowing which way he leans on these topics, it would just be guessing. I like to avoid just guessing if possible.

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