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'Be prepared for stress': Share your tips for postseason fans, and read what others have said

'Be prepared for stress': Share your tips for postseason fans, and read what others have said

From the Cardinals vs. Dodgers: Check out all of the Post-Dispatch's pregame wild-card coverage here series
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In today’s 10 a.m. video, columnist Ben Hochman gets ready for the Cards’ wild card game by dissecting the defense, including possible Gold Glove winners Tyler O’Neill, Harrison Bader and Paul Goldschmidt. And, as always, Hochman chooses a random St. Louis Cards card from the hat!

We've been here before, Cardinals fans. Last year, the year before, 2015, and — well — we're old hats at this postseason thing.

But what tips would you share for fans of teams that don't get to the postseason that often, whether it's watching a game with friends at home, or attending a game at the stadium? 

(One of the first is don't count your World Series trophies before they're won.)

Here are tips our readers have sent so far:

From Thomas Luebrecht, originally from Bloomington, Ill., and now living in the Washington, D.C., area: 

"Don't watch in public. Watch with only those you know won't antagonize you every pitch. Also, pray you are familiar with every single player on the opposing team. The guys you have never heard of are the ones that get you."

From John Deery-Schmitt, originally from Mascoutah and now living in Seattle:

"No matter how dire or bad it gets for the Cardinals, do not leave the game or turn off the TV. I was at Game 6 (2011 World Series) and a grumpy man in my row left with his family in tow in the 7th inning. Oh how they must have regretted beating traffic that night. Do. Not. Leave. The. Game. The Cardinals need every last one of us. Stay the course. Believe."

From Robin Roach, of Chesterfield: 

"This is what I tell my daughter: Yes, you can do this, you can watch no matter how suspenseful or how far behind we get. The game can change in a split second. And if it doesn’t work out our way, pitchers report in February."

From Kurt Ahle, of St. Peters: 

"Don't wish for a specific opponent (it's too late anyhow). Enjoy playing the hand you've been dealt."

From Josh Browning, of Cape Girardeau:

"When watching the game, choose the place and guests wisely. They very well could be your luck charm and you will have to watch with the same people, at the same place throughout the playoffs."

From Thomas Schwartz, of Westphalia, Mo.:

"Don’t assume just because your ace dominated all season that he will carry you in October. A lot of times it’s a mid-level starter who gets hot and carries every series."

From Matt Smith, of Indianapolis: 

"Be prepared for 'stress.' The instant your pitcher gets to a 2-0 count, you'll be out of you chair, biting your nails, pacing, cussing the guy's name until the inning is safely over (hopefully)."

From Mike Ijames, of Republic, Mo.:

"Always fear the second string catcher on the opposing team. They often come up with big at bats, big games, or big series, then are never heard of, or from again. They are remembered only in infamy by the fans of the team they knocked out of the playoffs."

From Dennis Murphy, of California: 

"Don't watch the game at a party at a friend's house. Too many bandwagoners asking insipid questions. Inevitably, one or two fans of the opposing team will be there ruining the mo-jo. Someone will inevitably walk in front of the screen at the wrong time and their dog probably won't be trained at getting his face out of your lap.

"Stay at home. Sit in your lucky chair or stand in your lucky spot. Once you win that first game, wear that same shirt and same hat the rest of the way through till game No. 12 is won! Don't kick your dog in case you lose, you'll need them to walk around the neighborhood working off your grief.

"But if you win, then change into a clean shirt and drive to your friend's house and join the party. People will think you were there the whole time anyway."

From Eldred Mercer, of Indiana:

"Don't look past your current opponent before getting to the next round, or you will be making a huge mistake."









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