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Morgan takes his taunting of Cardinals to Twitter

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DOWNTOWN • Shortly after Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols offered up a complimentary view of Nyjer Morgan as a talented player who "sometimes goes a little overboard," the Milwaukee Brewers center fielder had something to say about Pujols on Twitter.

It started by calling him "Alberta."

In the ninth inning of the Cardinals' 2-0 victory Wednesday at Busch Stadium, Morgan had one of the best at-bats of the game against Cardinals starter Chris Carpenter. The Cardinals' ace had been efficient and effective against the Brewers, getting 21 outs on his first 75 pitches. Morgan worked him for a 10-pitch at-bat to open the ninth inning, striking out on the 10th pitch.

Morgan then began yelling at Carpenter, firing off a series of curse words that are fit for a family blog. Morgan also flung a wad of chewing tobacco in the direction of the mound -- an infraction that drew Albert Pujols into the screaming match and also got Morgan ejected by crew chief Derryl Cousins.

Undeterred, Morgan then took to Twitter.

On his official Twitter feed -- @theRealTPlush -- Morgan ramped up the taunting with a series of blasts directed at the Cardinals and Pujols. They are presented here unedited:

Nyjer Morgan - T Dot

1 hour ago


Nyjer Morgan - T Dot

1 hour ago


Nyjer Morgan - T Dot

1 hour ago


Nyjer Morgan - T Dot

2 hours ago


Morgan has been ruffling feathers with the Cardinals for several years, going back to his collision with young Bryan Anderson at the plate in Washington and continuing this season with an odd series of vulgarities hurled at Carpenter from the dugout. His teammates urged him to be quiet during that game in August, and it took the umpires addressing the dugout for the show to stop.

After the game, Morgan insisted that Carpenter fired first in the exchange of colorful suggestions.

Carpenter insisted he did not say anything to Morgan. In the past, Carpenter has yelled at opposing players, sometimes breaking from his composure to scream down an opponent for an afront, such as spiking a bat in apparent disbelief of a poor swing (see: Carlos Lee) or at an opposing pitcher for throwing inside (see: Edwin Jackson). Carpenter has, in the past, acknowledged when he had an issue with a player and when he responded verbally.

"I'm not even going to go there," Carpenter said after his shutout. "He's a good player. He has some serious talent. He just plays the game a different way. I didn't know anything was going on until I heard Albert."

Morgan had more to say after the game, most of which you can read in Rick Hummel's side bar from the game and from Tom Haudricourt's coverage in The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel (see here).

The Cardinals and Brewers do not play each other again this season. The fallout from the Tweets could be difficult to determine.

"It's just one of those things, the competitiveness coming out in both teams," Morgan told reporters in the Brewers' clubhouse before his salvos on Twitter. "He was battling and I was battling. He felt he had to say something. If he feels he has to say something, let him say it. But as soon as he said it, he turns his back and runs away.

"Whatever. It is what it is."


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