As his personal “minister of culture,” Cardinals shortstop Paul DeJong’s agent gave him a list of classic movies to watch during quarantine, tying them to DeJong’s interests (ice fishing!) or the agent’s personal connections to Hollywood. The Cardinals’ All-Star infielder joins his agent, Burton Rocks, and Post-Dispatch baseball writer Derrick Goold to discuss why three of these classic films resonated with him – and the technical excellence he saw in each. The three films discussed are The Odd Couple (1968), Grumpy Old Men (1993), and The Great Race (1965). More than a Jack Lemmon hat trick, the list Rocks put together reflected DeJong’s interests in baseball (The Odd Couple), ice fishing (Grumpy Old Men), and his new Shelby Mustang (The Great Race). As the Golden Globe awards near the Gold Glove finalist DeJong discusses the dialogue and writing of each film, how classic films soared beyond the tech of the time, and along with his agent gets to correct a baseball writer making a mistake about one of the most famous sportswriters ever, Oscar Madison. To close the conversation, DeJong, Rocks and Goold riff on the best baseball movies and how DeJong’s view and appreciation of baseball moves has changed as his career advanced. The video was recorded using Zoom with DeJong and Goold joining from Jupiter, Fla., spring training home of the Cardinals, and Rocks joining from New York.