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Cardinals-Phillies MLB Playoff live blog: Highlights, updates, and score

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St. Louis Cardinals kick off National League Wild Card series against Philadelphia Phillies

Dressed in their postseason garb, St. Louis Cardinals fans, from left, Janie Goss, Becky Johns and Greta Bryant pose for a photo before the start of Game 1 of the National League Wild Card series between the Cardinals and the Philadelphia Phillies on Friday, Oct. 7, 2022, at Busch Stadium. Photo by Laurie Skrivan,

The St. Louis Cardinals and Philadelphia Phillies face off in Game 1 of the National League Wild Card series. Stay up to date on the game here with  Carter Chapley, who will be providing in game commentary, updates, videos, and scores.

4:35: Molina waves at strike three, and that's the ballgame. 6-3 final for the Phillies. 

Cardinals will play for their season tomorrow. It's the first time in their history they've blown a 2-run ninth inning lead in the playoffs. 

4:34: Gorman singles and the Cards respond with one. 6-3 now. Yadier Molina up as the tying run. 

4:31: Cardinals are making things interesting. Carlson walks to make it two on, two out for Nolan Gorman. Who will hit for Ben DeLuzio. A rally brewing?

4:26: Oliver Marmol didn't intend for Paul DeJong to take an at-bat today, but here he is...Nolan Arenado singled to get something going, but now the defensive sub needs a base hit.

4:22: After 6 runs score for the Phillies. It's over. Pallante K's Hoskins and we're on to the bottom of the ninth. 

Going to need a colossal effort.

4:19: Andre Pallante has come in and done EXACTLY what he's supposed to, he's now induced 3 out getting ground ball, all three are whiffed on by his defense. He gets the pop fly from Schwarber, which DeLuzio catches, for his first out of the inning. 

Another run tags up though, its 6-2 Phillies. 

4:17: When it rains it pours. Nolan Arenado whiffs on a ground ball, a rare enough feat, which scores another for the Phillies. Another run scores, 5-2 Phillies.

4:14: Paul Goldschmidt dives and grabs the groundball to him. He pops up and throws home but the speedy Edmundo Sosa hustles down the line and dives in to beat the tag. Score it a fielders choice. 

4-2 Phillies.

4:11: Disaster Strikes. Ground ball scoots under Tommy Edman's and two runs come in to score. 3-2 Phillies. Jean Segura the hero for Philly. Cardinals were playing in to cut down the runner and he just can reach out in time to nab the ball.

Still one out, runners on the corners. 

4:07: OLD FRIEND ALERT: Edmundo Sosa in to pinch run for Bohm.

4:05: He hits Alec Bohm with a 100MPH fastball. Scores the first run of the day for the Phillies. Bohm pops up ok and excited.  

Trainers out to look at Helsley's finger but you can't help but think they are trying to bide time to allow the relivers to warm up. 

Andre Pallante coming in. A BIG spot for the rookie. Appears there's some confusion in the pen as to who was suppose to come in. Jack Flaherty looked to think it was him.

4:01: Helsley's command is unraveling here, he loads the bases with a walk. Andre Pallante and Jack Flaherty are now warming in the bullpen. They are moving very quickly.

As I type this he spikes a pitch 3 feet short of the plate. 

3:58: Harper wins the battle, he waits out Helsley and walks. 2 on, 1 out for Nick Castellanos now. Mike Maddux comes out to chat with Helsley, who's having trouble finding the strike zone. He's up to 28 pitches now, nearing a season high. 

3:54: Realmuto makes it interesting. He flairs a single out to left center field. Bringing Bryce Harper to the plate as the tying run.

3:53: Helsley sends Hoskins down swinging. Gets him on a 3-2, 90mph slider. 2 outs to get.

3:47: The Cardinals go quietly in the bottom of the eighth inning. Ryan Helsley is back out there for the five out save. A 2-0 lead is all he has to protect. 

He gets the heart of the order, Rhys Hoskins, JT Realmuto, and Bryce Harper.

3:42: In the madness post home run. Oliver Marmol has also gone to his defensive oriented lineup for the final two innings of the game. Ben DeLuzio game into the game for Yepez, he will play center field, and Paul DeJong came in for Brendan Donovan. He will play shortstop, moving Edman over to second.

3:37: Sorry for the delay. PITCHING CHANGE. Giovanny Gallegos walks Bryon Stott. So Oliver Marmol turns to his closer, Ryan Helsley for what appears to be a five out save. 

Helsley strikes out Brandon Marsh, and gets Kyle Schwarber to pop harmlessly. We're off to the bottom of the 8th. Three outs away from Cardinal victory.

WATCH NOW: Juan Yepez gives the Cardinals the lead with 2-run pinch hit home run.

3:22: YEPEZ DELIVERS. He takes the first pitch he sees from Alvarado and BLASTS it to the right field bleachers. It's a two-run shot. 

Cardinals take a 2-0 lead in the bottom of the 7th inning. 

3:20: Donovan grounds out, but Dylan Carlson works the six pitch walk. 

Corey Dickerson was due up, but Juan Yepez is going to pinch hit for him. Yepez was on the playoff roster last year, but was never used. This will be his major league debut.

3:16: PITCHING CHANGE. Zach Wheelers day is done after 6⅓. He was dominant all day and his 96 pitches were the most he's thrown since his injury. 

LHP Jose Alvarado on for the Phillies. He's considered one of their two "high-leverage relivers". Interesting they go with him in the 7th of a tie game. But it is a favorable matchup with Brendan Donovan. 

Dylan Carlson will bat second and he's better from the right side as well as a switch hitter.  

3:14: Nolan Arenado is right on the cusp of a big hit. He's now put three pitches out to the deeper parts of the outfield. But none get down. 

3:10: Giovanny Gallegos eats up the Phillies, getting them on a very economical 1-2-3, 11 pitch inning. 

It's stretch time at Busch Stadium, we got a pitchers duel on our hands.

3:06: The shift comes up perfectly, as Tommy Edman snags a ball in shallow right field and throw out the sprinting Bryce Harper. With the elimination of said shifts in 2023, that's probably a base hit. But today, its a 6-3 first out of the inning.

3:02: Goldschmidt can't break the tie. He ground out to third harmlessly. Squandering the best opportunity they've had this afternoon.

Jordan Hicks day is done as well, Giovanny Gallegos is on to pitch the top of the 7th. He gets Bryce Harper first. 

3:00: Pujols grounds out to a 5-4-3 double play. Nootbaar did all he could to break it up, but to no avail. Edman remains on third but the threat has been diminished. Paul Goldschmidt now up to try and inch across the first run of the game.

2:59: Jose Alvarado now warming in the Phillies bullpen, pitching coach out to talk to Wheeler. 

2:57: Nootbaar squares to bunt but pulls back. Next 3 pitches are on the inside part of plate, all for balls. Count goes full. 

Edman takes off on the 3-2 pitch and probably beats it, but it doesn't matter. Nootbaar took ball four. 

Two on now for, who else, Albert Pujols . 

2:53: Edman deliver the leadoff single, but is assisted by weak Phillies defense as the ball just squeezes through the first and second baseman as they can't decide on who is going to go for it, so neither fully commit. 

Edman is a threat to steal, but Realmuto is one of the best throwers from behind home plate. Not many hold a candle to Yadier Molina, but he's up there. 

2:50: Jordan Hicks brings the heat. He gets Hoskins to pop out to second and Realmuto to ground out to first. Just an overwhelming change of pace from the lefty command and movement specialist, to the unmitigated power that Hicks brings on the fastball. Has to be jarring for the Phillies hitters. 

Headed to the bottom of the 6th, Tommy Edman will lead us off.

2:44: PITCHING CHANGE. After striking out Schwarber for the second time today, Oliver Marmol is out of the dugout and Jose Quintana's day is done. He goes 5⅓ innings, two hits, zero earned runs, 75 pitches. 

The Cardinals turn to Jordan Hicks to face the righties Rhys Hoskins and JT Realmuto. 

2:37: Carlson and Dickerson doing their best to grind out at-bats at the very least. Carlson grounds out to first but makes Wheeler throw eight pitches in the meantime, Dickerson then flies out after a eight pitch AB of his own.

Molina makes it a 22-pitch inning for Wheeler but with no real threat. Wheeler now has thrown 79 pitches through five innings, the most he's thrown since going on the IL Aug. 20. No one warming in the Phillies bullpen.

2:25: Cardinals defense comes in clutch again. With the infield in, Brendan Donovan fields the groundball at second and holds Bohm at third. Two outs. Then, Corey Dickerson fights the sun and collects the Matt Vierling flyout, escaping the leadoff double. 

That's five scoreless for Jose Quintana.

2:22: Jean Segura with some situational hitting, gets the groundball to the right side to advance Bohm. The first run of the game is now 90 feet away for the Phillies.

Jordan Hicks is now warming in the Cardinals bullpen. 

2:21: Alec Bohm comes up with the first big hit of the day, leading off the fifth with a double. Quintana is going to have to do some more dancing to get out unscathed.

2:13: Paul Goldschmidt gets hit with the 98 mph fast ball up near the hands but appears alright. Nolan Arenado then steps in and laces one to the warning track in left center, but its hauled in.

Arenado is in shock that ball didn't leave the yard. With an 103.4 MPH, expected batting average of .840. 

Donovan then strikes out looking. Game remains tied at 0-0.

2:05: You cant ask for much more in how Quintana has handled the top of the lineup. Harper, Schwarber, Realmuto, Hoskins, and Castellanos a combined 0-10 with 2K's. 

Nolan Arenado gets the final out of the fourth after fielding a tough hop. His second really nice play at third base. 

Heart of the order due up for the Cardinals.

2:00: Since Lars Nootbaar led off the game with a single, the Cardinals have gone down nine straight. Jose Quintana out for the top of the fourth inning with JT Realmuto, Bryce Harper, Nick Castellanos due up.

1:56: The Cardinals are making solid contact in their first time through the lineup, but its just not finding the gaps. Tommy Edman sends a ball to right center field with an exit velo of 97.5, the fifth Cardinal through that first turn in the order to have a ball hit of 95mph or greater. Again, just not finding the grass yet.

1:50: Quintana works out of it! He gets Rhys Hoskin to ground out to shortstop ending the threat. He needs 23 pitches to do it, but he escapes unscathed. 

Molina will lead off for the Cardinals.

1:48: Schwarber goes down swinging, 2 outs now. Jack Flaherty and Steven Matz begin warming in the bullpen. Matz has admitted to getting bored in the bullpen and getting up to move and stretch without it being a sign he's been called to get ready. Something to monitor as we see how fast Marmol's hook is for Quintana.

1:45: A walk and now a base hit and the lineup turns over. Cardinals in their first bit of danger with Kyle Schwarber up with two on. Infield shifted to the right field side but Edman and Donovan are still at double-play depth.

1:44: Quintana slips for the first time today, walking the 8 hitter Bryson Stott with one out in the third. Phillies' first base runner. Vierling up now with Quintana out of the stretch for the first time.

1:38: Corey Dickerson strikes out to end the second inning and the Cardinals go in order. Brendan Donovan led off the inning with a solid hit to center field that hung up just too long as STL native and CBC Alum Matt Vierling was there to make the grab. 

Phillies send their 7-8-9 guys to the plate for the third. 

1:30: Jose Quintana with another quick and tidy inning. 1-2-3 go the Phillies, all fly balls (one to Carlson, two to Nootbaar) on just six pitches. After a laborious first inning, Zach Wheeler doesn't get a chance to rest much. 

Donovan will lead it off in the bottom of the 2nd. 

1:26: The Cardinals can't cash in on Nootbaar's leadoff single. Goldschmidt strikes out looking and Arenado flies out to right on a full count. But they do make Zach Wheeler throw 19 pitches in the first inning. His depth is going to be a real question today as he has only thrown 77 pitches in a game once since returning off the IL in late September. The Phillies bullpen also owns a 4.50 ERA, the worst of teams in the playoff.

Harper, Castellanos, Bohm due up.

1:20: Albert gets a solid piece of one but its not enough. His line drive is caught just short of the warning track in center field.

1:17: Lars Nootbaar, in his first playoff at bat, slaps a leadoff single to right field. The games first baserunner. Bringing Albert Pujols to the plate.

1:14: A clean inning for Quintana! Schwarber cant catch up to Quintana's fastball and pops out to Yadier Molina. Rhys Hoskins then flares a fly ball out to Dylan Carlson, and JT Realmuto grounds out to Nolan Arenado who makes a signature short how snag before throwing out the catcher on the run. Twelve pitches in all.

Nootbaar, Pujols, Goldschmidt due up.

1:07: Jose Quintana delivers a first pitch strike to Kyle Schwarber and playoff baseball has begun! 

12:58: Ozzie Smith out to throw the ceremonial first pitch. Coverage begins momentarily on ABC, fans were handed rally towels with the old-fashioned angry Cardinal emblazoned on them. Oli Marmol and Rob Thomson are exchanging lineups card so we are moments away.

12:38: The teams are out for introduction and national anthems so Game 1 is upon us! Find out more at First Pitch for lineups, stats and info, and more.

Carter Chapley is the digital baseball producer at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. You can find him on Twitter @ChapleyMedia

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