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(First published as part of the Cardinals notebook on Aug. 6, 2019.)

On some of the new signage near the team’s clubhouse and at times on social media this season, there has been a smoother look to the Cardinals’ traditional interlocking “STL” logo. Consider it a hint. The Cardinals have quietly integrated a balanced, less irregular and sharp “STL” logo in some of the team's branding.

It’s appeared as part of tweets and on Fox Sports Midwest. The subtly different logo also appeared recently in advertising for Aug. 21’s Star Trek Night, and it will be featured on the side of the cap given out to purchasers of the Star Trek theme ticket.

One of the subtler changes to logo is how the trapezoid that makes the top of the “T” in the current logo has been replaced with a balanced rectangle. The upturn at the top of the “S,” which has been there for decades, is now mirrored with a downturn to the tail of the “S.” The new look logo has not appeared on the team’s official uniforms this season.

This is a slow roll out, and if adopted it would see widespread use in 2020.

A team executive declined comment because any tweaks to the logo or other branding changes aren’t official until after the current season.

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