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Hummel: With so much roster movement, who stays and who goes for the Cardinals?

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Check out the highlights from Rick Hummel’s Cardinals chat with readers. 

Q: I don't think Edman will cover the outfield as much as last season. So if injuries pile up in the OF, who will be up? Nootbaar or Burleson? If all OF are healthy, is Dickerson going to be DFA'd? Who will take Matz's spot if he goes to IL? Liberatore or Rondon?

A: Edman, presumably, is the mostly full-time shortstop, until further notice. Nootbaar is on the 40-man roster (and was called up Monday). Burleson is not. Liberatore probably would get the call (also called up Monday) if Matz is out for a while. Rondon has started only a couple of times this season.

Q: Is Gorman here to stay?

A: I would be surprised if Gorman would go back down. He is ready, for sure, offensively. Defensively, he has had only one shaky throw, the rest solid.

Q: If an infielder has to go to AAA, or if a certain OF/DH has to go, who goes? They're all playing well right now, except Dickerson, so who gets the release or demotion? Please give us your thoughts on the current roster situation. Thanks!

A: I would defer to the injury situation and the health of Matz and Carlson before I get too deep into this. But Gorman and Donovan will be staying — for the foreseeable future.

Q: It is becoming obvious that Dickerson is not a very good outfielder. Do you think Nootbar or Burleson will be replacing him sometime during the season?

A: Dickerson is making $5 million, so the Cardinals probably aren't eager to cast him aside. But I can't see how, at some point, he isn't a victim of the numbers game.

Q: What is Wittgren doing up instead of Woodford? Woodford has been better across the board. You are probably as tired as I am of figuring out what they are doing with Woody.

A: Jake Woodford will be back, not long from now probably. The appeal of Nick Wittgren to the Cardinals is that he can pitch more often than anybody else in their bullpen. 

Q: I feel very comfortable with Sosa at shortstop. Do you? What is the likely outcome for Paul DeJong and Tyler O'Neill?

A: Sosa has played well both offensively and defensively. I wouldn't mind seeing more, but he won't get much time unless a left-hander is starting for the opposition and Gorman sits. DeJong seems all but gone. The left-field job still is O'Neill's when he returns. For a while.

Q: Have you ever seen a relief appearance quite like Rondon's? He saved the bullpen! I hope it doesn't earn him a seat on the Memphis shuttle.

A: Rondon might have to go to Memphis because he can't help the Cardinals again until at least next weekend, and you have Hicks and Hudson starts coming up before then.

Q: If you were the GM which one of our outfielders do you think is the best and a keeper? Do you like all three, or would you pursue another high-profile outfielder for one of the three spots?

A; The Cardinals don't need any more outfielders with Juan Yepez here and Alec Burleson tearing up Class AAA. I think Dylan Carlson, among the three regular outfielders, has the chance to be the best player.

Q: Yesterday, the Cardinals had a bizarre situation in which three infielders were playing out of their natural positions: Sosa at 3B, Edman at SS, and Gorman at 2B. I realize that they want Gorman at 2B as long as Arenado is here, and I'm sure the rationale would be that Gorman hasn't been playing 3B, but come on, that's his natural position. They weakened themselves at three positions to keep him there for one game. That just seemed odd and selling Gorman short.

A: If you want Gorman to play second base —and the Cardinals do — then you have to play him at second base. Until he shows otherwise, he is not a utility player.

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