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Albert Pujols and Jack Clark

Albert Pujols and Jack Clark.

Jack Clark, days after being sued for defamation for accusing Albert Pujols of using steroids, is offering to take a lie-detector test if Pujols does the same.

The offer was made in a letter sent today from Clark's attorney to Pujols' legal team.

Pujols, the former Cardinals star, filed suit Oct. 4 in St. Louis County over comments made by Clark in early August during “The King and The Ripper” sports talk program on WGNU 920 AM. Clark, the former Cardinals slugger, said on-air he knew for a fact that Pujols “was a juicer.” He also claimed that former Pujols trainer Chris Mihlfeld confided in him about shooting up Pujols with performance-enhancing drugs in 2000. Mihlfeld has denied talking with Clark. The radio show was cancelled. The company that produced the show, insideSTL, last week issued a lengthy retraction and apology.

Pujols' suit called Clark's statements "malicious, reckless and outrageous falsehoods."

But Clark was not backing down.

In the letter from Clark's attorney Al Watkins, Clark proposed settling the lawsuit by both sides submitting to polygraph tests.

Pujols would be asked if "he is being deceptive when he asserts that he has never used steroids or performance enhancing drugs while in the minor and major leagues." 

Clark would be asked if he is being deceptive about Mihlfeld telling him that Pujols "juiced."

The letter laid out various remedies pending the outcome of the polygraphs. All of them involved one party or another apologizing. 

Watkins said his client already has admitted to a poor choice of words for claiming he knew for certain that Pujols used steroids. Clark had that information only secondhand, Watkins said.




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