Cue the music. Polish that crystal ball. It's the final brand new episode of 2021, and after the welcome return of the BPIB holiday song by Annalyse Crowders and Rob Krosley, St. Louis Post-Dispatch sports columnist Benjamin Hochman joins host and baseball writer Derrick Goold to share hopes for the New Year and some thoughts on where the Cardinals are headed on the field, where the Cubs are going in the standings, and where baseball can continue to advance off the field. The Cardinals offseason strategy is discussed through the lens of future revenue and how they can get the flock back to the Busch Stadium. "They should do whatever they think they can to win the division this year and prepare to compete with the big boys in the coming years," Hochman says. "Do that. Put all your eggs in that basket." The Best Podcast in Baseball, sponsored by Closets by Design of St. Louis, is a production of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch,, and Derrick Goold. A special thanks as always to Annalyse Crowders and Rob Krosley for the song they wrote and performed for BPIB, and a healthy holiday season to all the listeners and the community that has been created around this podcast. Onward toward 2021 — and season No. 9.