A 15 question quiz about the National League Champion 1985 St. Louis Cardinals.

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1. Of the eight regular position players for the 1985 St. Louis Cardinals, how many switch-hitters were in the starting lineup?
Wrong.Right. Five. Ozzie Smith, Tom Herr, Willie McGee, Terry Pendleton and Vince Coleman. As Mike Shannon once said: I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous.
2. What catcher played in the most games (95) for the Cardinals in the '85 season?
Wrong.Right. Tom Nieto. Darrell Porter caught in 84 games during the regular season, but started 10 of the 13 postseason games. I'm still waiting for Tom Nieto Bobblehead night.
3. The Cardinals led the National League in stolen bases with 314, due in large part to Vince Coleman's rookie record of 110. Willie McGee was second on the team with 56 steals. Who was third with 34?
Wrong.Right. Andy Van Slyke. For perspective: In 2009, the Cardinals team had 75 steals, led by Pujols with 16. Not small ball, but snail ball.
4. Quotable Cards pitcher Joaquin Andujar said to Sports Illustrated: "That's why I don't talk, because I talk too much." Another of his legendary quotes: "There's one word in America that says it all, and that word is ..."
Wrong.Right. Youneverknow. Andujar won 21 games in 1985 and entertained in many ways, including switch-hitting and leading the league in hit batters (11).
5. Two Cardinals were in the starting lineup for the National League in the 1985 All-Star Game in Minneapolis. Which pair was it?
Wrong.Right. Smith and Herr. McGee and Clark also made the squad but were on the bench. This was back when the All-Star Game meant exactly what it should: nothing.
6. Game 5 of the National League Championship series against the Dodgers ended with a walk-off home run by Ozzie Smith and one of Jack Buck's most enduring calls. What did he say?
Wrong.Right. "Go crazy, folks! Go crazy! It's a home run!! And the Cardinals have won the game by the score of 3 to 2 on a home run by the Wizard! Go crazy!" I still get goose bumps.
7. Game 6 of the NLCS was also decided by a home run in the 9th inning, this one by Jack Clark, off the same Dodger pitcher that surrendered Ozzie's in Game 5. Who was the pitcher?
Wrong.Right. Tom Niedenfuer. In a sweet gesture of kindness, the Cardinals signed Niedenfuer to a contract in 1990 and let him play in 52 games.
8. He played only 28 games for the Cardinals in 1985, but he led their late-season surge into the playoffs. He hit .434 with 6 homers and 19 RBIs in September. Who was he?
Wrong.Right. Cesar Cedeno. You've heard of Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar. He was definitely Septemberus Cesar.
9. Whitey Herzog, affectionately known as "The White Rat," won the NL Manager of the Year for the '85 season, parlaying his brand of small ball into 101 wins. What is Whitey's real name?
Wrong.Right. Dorrel Norman Elvert Herzog. He was a brilliant strategist. He was also Exhibit A in the "Why managers should not wear baseball uniforms" debate.
10. The Hitting Coach of the '85 Cardinals played 40 games for the team in 1964 during his brief major league career. But he coached in the Cardinals system for 16 years during the '70s and '80s. Who was he?
Wrong.Right. Johnny Lewis. They say he really helped Jack Clark with his swing. Yep, Lewis and Clark put St. Louis on the map.
11. The media nicknamed the 1985 World Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Kansas City Royals as the ...
Wrong.Right. I-70 Series. Since it was outside Boston or New York, ESPN needed some way to find it. So it really wasn't a nickname; it was directions.
12. The 1985 Cardinals season will forever be remembered for "The Call" by umpire Don Denkinger in Game 6 of the World Series. Who was the Kansas City Royals player who hit the grounder and was called safe at first?
Wrong.Right. Jorge Orta. The blown call opened the floodgates: a missed foul pop-up, a passed ball, then second base exploded, then a lion ate Todd Worrell ... Well, it seemed like a dream.
13. The next day in Game 7 of the World Series, pitcher John Tudor was so angry after being removed in the 3rd inning that he punched something and hurt his hand. What did he punch?
Wrong.Right. An electric fan. But you should have heard what the fan said to him first.
14. Game 7 was a disaster from beginning to end, with Don Denkinger behind home plate calling balls and strikes. The Royals won the game after several Cardinals were ejected. What was the final score?
Wrong.Right. 11-0. Contrary to standard procedure, there were fireworks during this game instead of after the last out.
15. Many milestones were passed during the 1985 Major League season that didn't involve the Cardinals. Which one of the following DID NOT occur in 1985?
Wrong.Right. Rickey Henderson stole 130 bases in 1982, all the others happened in 1985. It might have confused you, since Henderson continued to boast about it well past 1985.
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