Today's Cardinals rainout offers a chance to get an extra dose of St. Louis Cardinals announcer Mike Shannon. Some snicker at his convolutions of the language. We embrace them. Test your knowledge of these Shannonisms, based on broadcasting lore.

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Mike Shannon-isms Quiz
1. "It's Mother's Day today, so to all the mothers out there ... ____________"
Wrong.Right. "Happy Birthday!"
2. "It's raining like __________________!"
Wrong.Right. "a Chinese fire drill."
3. To whom was Mike referring when he said: "He's the biggest thing to hit Japan since they dropped the bomb on Nagashima!"
Wrong.Right. Hideo Nomo
4. "Well, folks, this game began as a tiny worm, and is blossoming into _____________"
Wrong.Right. "a large cobra."
5. "A hit up the middle right now would be like ______________ and a cold, frosty one."
Wrong.Right. "a nice ham sandwich"
6. "Well, he did everything right to get ready for the throw, but if ya ain't got the hose, __________________"
Wrong.Right. "the water just won't come out."
7. "It's raining so hard that ___________________"
Wrong.Right. "I thought it was going to stop."
8. "The crowd's on their feet for the ________________"
Wrong.Right. "Canadian Star-Spangled Banner."
9. "Well, no one's perfect. Only one guy was ever perfect, Jack, and _______________"
Wrong.Right. "they nailed him to a tree."
10. During a game in Montreal: "This game is moving along pretty quick, it must have something to do with the _____________________"
Wrong.Right. "exchange rate."
11. Referring to former manager Whitey Herzog: "The key thing is, he has that ___________ mind."
Wrong.Right. "photogenic"
12. "One run in this ballpark [Wrigley] is like _____________ in the Sahara Desert."
Wrong.Right. "a grain of salt"
13. "Well that's the life of a reliever. It's either a mountain or a valley, there's no in-between. You either get all of the glory or all of the _______________"
Wrong.Right. "goat hair."
14. "You can't argue with _____________"
Wrong.Right. "the weather."
15. "You know, if you can keep Geronimo Pena healthy, you can win _________________"
Wrong.Right. "the Pulitzer Prize in Health."
16. "Our next homestand _______________________"
Wrong.Right. "follows this road trip."
17. "I've heard it said that if you know English, Spanish, Italian, and I think it's French, you can go just about anywhere ... except China where they have ____________________"
Wrong.Right. "all those derelicts."
18. "He knew he was out when ______________________"
Wrong.Right. "he heard that right hand go up."
19. "This big standing-room only crowd _________________"
Wrong.Right. "is settling into their seats."
20. "So Joe, when was the Roman Coliseum built ... ______________"
Wrong.Right. "2, 3, 4 hundred years ago?"
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CREDITS: Quiz designed by Tom Borgman