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Jordan Binnington on a 50-dollar bill

Jordan Binnington on a 50-dollar bill. (Post-Dispatch illustration / AP photos)

QUESTION: If Binnington has a great season and Allen does as well as he did on the road in the 2nd half shouldn't the Blues obtain 100 points? The backup goalie was awful before being released last year.

TOM T.: Yes, though Chad Johnson didn't have all that many games where he did damage. He was 2-6, though his numbers were dropping like a rock at the end. Considering the Blues finished with 99 points last season, it wouldn't take a big step forward to hit 100.

Side Chad Johnson fact: He was born in Saskatchewan, so at the start of the season, the Blues had four players from Sasky. Though Johnson moved to Alberta when he was young, so he never played hockey in Saskatchewan.