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QUESTION: If Bryce Harper lowers his demands in terms of number of years, do you think the Cards could get back into the bidding? If Harper only wants 5 years, Cards would be foolish not to be interested.

GOOLD: I agree they would be foolish not to enter the mix at that point. And yet there is no indication from the team that they intend to do that. Quite the opposite. Also, there has been no indication that Harper is willing to do that -- or will have to.

Follow-up: When you refer to the Cardinals inclination to get involved in a Harper pursuit even if the market falls to shorter-term as "quite the opposite," what exactly are you saying/hearing? Something to the effect of "no longer interested at any level"?

GOOLD: I'm saying that the Cardinals have really seemed to stake out a place outside of the talks. That's all. They were involved, they had talks with Boras, they made the trade for Goldschmidt, they moved to the periphery of the market, and have, if anything, gained further distance from what's going on.

Honestly, it's like the more fans ask and the more they search for some sign of interest, the less there seems to be coming from the Cardinals. It's the inverse of each other. Yes, that's odd. But that's how it feels, that's what the reporting reveals.