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John Mozeliak, Walt Jocketty

Cardinals GM John Mozeliak (left) and Reds GM Walt Jocketty, before a game in 2014. (AP Photo)

QUESTION: What happened to the Cardinals being proactive? Walt Jocketty was a great GM, but they let him go because they realized the game was changing. I wonder now if they even realize there is something wrong with their current model.

GORDO: Other teams got smarter, for one thing. The corporate Cubs ownership sold to the Ricketts family and the new regime hired top-flight management. So that ended the days of 89-win teams fighting for division titles year after year.

More teams have gone the route of building from within, so scouting and player development has gotten more competitive. The Cardinals have made some mistakes in free agency and suffered some self-inflicted wounds with other bad contracts and bad trades. So there's work to do.