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Real estate transactions for Sunday, Aug. 1, 2021

Real estate transactions for Sunday, Aug. 1, 2021

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Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.


Screeton, Earl S. and Rowley, Lynn E., to JS & KG, 731 Gilbert Street, Kewanee; $44,000.

King, Michael G. and Tamara L., to Drish, Colton D., Lot 2 in Block 12 of Green River Heights, a subdivision of a part of the northeast quarter of Sect. 15, Township 17 N, Range 1 E of the 4th Principal Meridian lying north of the center of Green River, now situated in the city of Green Rock, $152,000.

King, Michael E. and Tamara L., to Drish, Colton D., Lot 1 in Block 12 of Green River Heights, a subdivision of a part of the northeast quarter of Sect. 15, Township 17 N, Range 1 E of the 4th Principal Meridian lying north of the center of Green River, now situated in the city of Green Rock; $52,000.

Brown, Richard E. and Linda L., to Sizemore, Anthony Michael, 212 S. Spring Street, Geneseo; $72,500.

Johnson, Brandon L., to Newman, Thomas J. and Barsema, Savannah J., 112 New Street, Cambridge; $110,000.

Kruchten, Robert and Kristina, to Viking Property and Land, 133 Dwight Street, Kewanee; $85,000.

Putman, Jon M., to Webster, Hannah and Ryan, 21769 E. 720th Street, Geneseo; $232,000.

Strand, Joseph and Jennifer, to Wood, Jeremy, 317 E. Division Street, Galva; $42,000.

Boyle, Steven L. and Pendleton, Jeffrey D. Sr., to Weber, Brian, vacant land-7A Shady Lane, Geneseo; $37,000.

Cullen, Presley M. and Porschia R., to Ellis Renovations, 149 Rita Drive, Colona; $80,000.

Leader, Victoria, to Carlson, Robert John, 608 E. Division Street, Kewanee; $48,000.

Wenskunas, Thomas M. and Shirley K., to Walsh, Michael J. and Riva, 315 E. 4th Avenue, Woodhull; $165,000.

Bates, Jason L. and Melissa R., to Garcia, Sarah E., and Lang, Sandra J., 116 N.W. 5th Street, Galva; $152,000.

Rehder, Jens and Judith M., to Larned, Kelle and Eric, 242 Oak Street, Andover; $128,500.

Vandemore, Scott M.; Swiger, Jamie M./ Ristau, Jamie M., to Pearce, Jason M., 318 E. Palace Row, Geneseo; $160,000.

Swanson, Tammy Sue, to King, Kirsten T., 804 3rd Street, Colona; $125,000.

Carpathian Capital Fund, to Swanson, Joel D., and Willis, Linnea L., 717 2nd Street, Colona; $86,000.

Littrel, Brittany A. and Jacob J., to DeRudder, Ryan William and Peggy Lee, 202 Thornwood Avenue, Colona; $183,000.


Contreras, Guadalupe, Bettendorf, to Mousa, Saad Neamah, Moline; 5121 & 5205 4th Ave., Moline, car dealership; $93,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Davenport, to One Stop Adventure Investments, Silvis; 2326 11th St., Rock Island; $30,000.

Chase, Michael, Hampton, to Likendja, Yvon, Moline; 2204 46th St., Moline; $66,800.

Polenske, Shawn C. and Terra L., Port Byron, to Riewerts, Brent M., and Lindy S., Hillsdale, 33.12 acres farmland; $220,000.

Wright, Darrin S., Rock Island, to Bloemer, Emily, Moline; 2307 14th Ave., Moline; $183,000.

Huberts, Sr., Theodore L., estate, Silvis, to Apple, Nicole, East Moline; 3848 4th Ave. A, East Moline; $40,000.

Pauwels, James R. and Megan K., East Moline, to Beciri, Driton and Xhilsime, Silvis; 910 26th Ave. Ct., Silvis; $260,400.

Williams, Nathan J., Davenport, to Barber, Andrew, Port Byron; 1003 N. High St., Port Byron; $113,000.

Peterson, Doris E., estate, Moline, to Arnold, Deborah K., Moline; 33rd Ave., vacant lot, Moline; $30,000.

ABW Properties, Frisco, Texas, to Ladd, Alyssa, Miami Beach, Fla.; Off 18th Ave. A, Moline, land/lot only; $500.

Logan Street Properties, Earth City, Mo., to Leveraged Holdings, Davenport, industrial building; 1005 11th St. W., Milan; $700,000.

Bone, P. Virginia; Kois, Carolyn P., and Johnson, C. Douglas, trust, Moline, to Cornerstone Facility Investment Group, Hampton; 2750 Morton Dr., East Moline, industrial building; $2,300,000.

Nolan, Kevin W. and Wendi M., Rock Island, to Culberson, Lisa, Rock Island; 3400 20th St. Ct., Rock Island; $323,000.

Yodts, Kevin D. and Heather M., East Moline, to Dyer, Steven W. and Chelsey, Moline; 3413 56th St. Pl., Moline; $210,000.

Bowser, Dale, Milan, to Sovanski, Sara, Milan; 308 W. 30th Ave., Milan; $123,000.

Turner, Floyd L., Rock Island, to Lopez Munoz, Guillermo, Rock Island; 620 6th St., Rock Island; $18,000.

Arreguin, Raul, East Moline, to Scott, Eric and Jessica, Moline; 721 13th St, Moline; $68,500.

Gehrung, Mark A., trust, Greencastle, Pa., to Rockwell, Thomas Raymond, Hampton; 1008 7th St., Hampton; $185,000.

Baker Prescott, Elizabeth, Madison, Ala., to Smeltzy, Michael and Marla, trust, and Smeltzy, Gary and Christine, trust, Port Byron; vacant land, Cordova; $99,825.

Long, Barbara, Doylestown, Pa., to Smeltzy, Michael and Marla, trust, and Smeltzy, Gary and Christine, trust, Port Byron; 13.33 acres farmland, Cordova; $100,050.

John, Richard C., Rock Island, to Dechert, Ken, Port Byron; 610 S. Main St., Port Byron; $198,000.

Bank of America, Anaheim, Calif., to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Oklahoma City, Okla.; 2525 27th St., Rock Island; $56,940.

Schanfish, James R., Rock Island, to Perren, Justin Micheal, Rock Island; 1314 94th Ave., Rock Island; $129,300.

Selby Enterprises, Davenport, to Allison, Jarrod, Wilton, Iowa; 1708 10th Ave., East Moline; $5,000.

Allison, Jarrod, Wilton, Iowa, to Avelar, Isidro, and Espinal, Ana, Silvis; 1708 10th Ave., East Moline; $55,000.

Milan Development Group, Green Bay, Wis., to Tentinger Commercial Properties, Rosemount, Minn.; 480 10th Ave. W., Milan, retail establishment; $1,570,000.

Perez Cebreros, Jorge, Glen Ellyn, Ill., to Scott, Lori, East Moline; 3906 4th St., East Moline; $127,500.

Mueller, Melanie A., Rock Island, to Emery, Nicholas, Taylor Ridge; 9401 141st St. W., Taylor Ridge; $179,900.

Martin, Charles, Illinois City, to Arbogast, Brian and Roger, Taylor Ridge; 12612 78th Ave. W., Taylor Ridge; $184,000.

Boelens, Megan, Hampton, to Ringier, Laura, East Moline; 16418 3rd Ave., East Moline; $78,365.

Muir, Brian, Norwell, Mass., to Harrell, Janella Adele, Rock Island; 1623 2nd Ave., #3, Rock Island; $170,000.

Winchester, Mark and Caroline, Ceres, Calif., to Scott, Eric, Las Vegas, Nev.; 1618 19th Ave., Moline; $62,000.

Davis, Amber E., Reynolds, to Kammen, Christopher S., Rock Island; 1529 31st St., Rock Island; $90,000.

Meyers, Barbara J., trust, East Moline, to Dream Real Estate Investments, Moline; 587 32nd Ave., East Moline; $118,000.

Fisher, Pam K., Milan, to DeMink, Christopher, Sherrard; 940 17th St., Unit 9, Moline; $50,000.

Fernandez, Ralph, Naperville, Ill., to Nommensen, Nicholas, Moline; 1013 38th St., Moline; $105,000.

Zeidler, Nancy L., Moline, to Russell, Rocky L. and Mary Jo, East Moline; 725 51st Ave., East Moline; $105,000.

Wiley, Brent, and McClure-Wiley, Christina, Trophy Club, Texas, to Makuch, Robert B. and Stacy L., Moline; 1134 33rd St., Moline; $351,500.

Mueting, Caleb and Jolin, Andalusia, to Lampe, Sarah, Silvis; 526 16th Ave., Silvis; $75,000.

Boetje, Rebecca A., Manhattan, Ill., to Quinnett, Joshua, Moline; 1815 46th St., Moline; $200,000.

Steffen, Thomas and Cassandra, Hillsdale, to Crossen, Elizabeth, and Schmidt, Alice, Rock Island; 848 20th St., Rock Island; $169,000.

Holvoet, Chris, and Voss, Peter F., Davenport, to Brandmeyer, Donald, Silvis; 805 12th St., Silvis; $117,900.

DePron II, Kenneth C., Rock Island, to Rowe, Emily A. and Rebecca G., Rock Island; 2506 29th St., Rock Island; $118,000.

Thang, Ngun T., and Hnem, Ngun, Moline, to Woods, Jeffrey L., Moline; 1542 36th Ave., Moline; $160,000.

Blackhawk State Bank, Milan, to Miller, Thaddeus and Lindsay, Milan; 319-323 W. 4th St., Milan; $35,000.

Robinson, Jeffrey G., Coal Valley, to Langel, Dale J. and Lori A., Coal Valley; vacant lot, Coal Valley; $5,000.

Newsom, Jack L. and Julie A., Monroe, La., to Dowd, Greg and Rebecca, Rock Island; vacant lot, Milan; $45,800.

Keppy, Dale, Coal Valley, to Thompson, Mary L. and Timothy A., Coal Valley; vacant lot, Coal Valley; $13,000.

Marcure, Darrin and Kirby, Long Grove, to Berger, Shelby, Moline; 861 47th St., Moline; $168,000.

Tyson, Bryon G. and Rexie L., trust, Winter Haven, Fla., to Becker, Jason, Milan; 1148 6th St. W., Milan; $182,500.

Alcala-Chagolla, Mayra, Moline, to Garling, Nicholas D., Moline; 5915 36th Ave. Ct., Moline; $80,000.

Has, Sandra J., trust, Bettendorf, to Rafferty, Kevin J. and Colleen M., Rock Island; 24 Chippannock Place, Rock Island; $485,000.

Clark, William A., Davenport, to Doh, Htoo, Milan; 619 W. 33rd Ave., Milan; $120,000.

Hansen, Michelle A., trust, Davenport, to Kelty, Kerry N., Rock Island; 2505 13th Ave., Rock Island; $85,500.

Brunk, James J. and Gina D., Lynn Center, to Burr, Raymond G. and Diane S., Silvis; 802 11th Ave. B Court, Silvis; $139,900.

Heinrich, Noelle K. and Karla, Peoria, to Delille, Thomas, Moline; 3020 4th St. #3, Moline; $79,750.

Popejoy, Bradley E., New Braunfels, Texas, to Bassford Construction, Moline; 2331 30th St., Moline; $60,000.

Stamp, Paulette M., Ankeny, Iowa, to Aguirre, Melissa F., East Moline; 313 7th St., East Moline; $40,000.

Greene, Laura, trust, Davenport, to Fetter, Brett J. and Monica A., trust, Rock Island; 34 Chippiannock Pl., Rock Island; $380,000.

Ziegler Family Trust, Milan, to Wymore, Paul M., Coal Valley; 322 Island Ave., East Moline; $81,000.

Danner, John P. and Pamela A., Milan, to Lance, Lily M., Moline; 3411 53rd St., Moline; $270,000.

Tindal, Jack C., Carbon Cliff, to Guitouni, Azzeddine, Moline; 3906 10th Ave., Moline; $90,000.

Johnson, David J., Minooka, Ill., to Hart, Brian, East Moline; 502 163rd St., N., East Moline; $108,000.

Mashimango, Janette, Rock Island, to Richard, Marie, Rock Island; 1406 9th Ave, Rock Island; $20,000.

Gary, Larry and Cherena, Davenport, to First Financial Group, Bettendorf; 909 12th Ave., Rock Island; $32,500.

Roberts, Mary Lee, estate, Moline, to Eagle Property Holdings, Moline; 554 20th Ave., Moline; $62,316.

Overton, Marilyn, Ocala, Fla., to Hollenbach, Dylan, East Moline; 1121 48th Ave., Unit 11, East Moline; $90,000.

Snipes, Diane, East Moline, to Cockerill, Caleb, Moline; 1034 42nd St., Moline; $160,000.

Ascentra Credit Union, Bettendorf, to Rade, Nicholas T., Moline; 1442 9th St., Moline; $60,000.

Douglas, Jillene Y., Darnestown, Md., to Conley, Judy, Silvis; 806 14th St., Silvis; $240,000.

Erickson, Mitchell J., and Schillinger, Erin R., Bettendorf, to Roberts, Boyd, and Trujillo, Sarah, Rock Island; 3321 24th St., Rock Island; $154,420.

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