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St. Louis University president Fred Pestello announced on Sept. 26 that St. Louis University was beginning a Title IX investigation involving allegations of sexual assault leveled against several athletes, who it was learned were members of the basketball team.

Here is an updated timeline of the investigation as SLU students prepare to start spring semester classes Tuesday:

Sept. 22: Secretary of education Betsy DeVos alters Title IX guidelines regarding campus sexual assault investigations. The new guidance includes the elimination of the recommended 60-day limit.;

Sept. 24: Three women report alleged sexual assaults by four St. Louis University athletes at a local hospital at 2:30 a.m.

Sept. 26: SLU president Fred Pestello announces that the university has started a Title IX investigation into the allegations with the assistance of an outside firm, a common practice in such situations.

Sept. 28: Two attorneys confirm they are representing SLU basketball players who are implicated. One attorney is representing three players and another attorney is representing one player.

Sept. 30: SLU holds its first basketball practice of the preseason but it is closed to the media, adding to the mystery of whether any personnel decisions have been made.

Oct. 13: Coach Travis Ford talks to the media for the first time during the preseason but repeatedly says “I can't comment on anything” when asked about the investigation.

Oct. 19: A national expert on Title IX notes that complex cases can take more than 60 days and says, "Three reporting parties and four (players) is probably something that might add to the complexity of that case."

Nov. 4: SLU plays an exhibition game against Harris-Stowe. Three players are not in uniform or at the arena. The university declines to comment on the reason for their absence.

Nov. 10: The Billikens play their first regular-season game without the same three players, leaving them with only eight scholarship players available out of a maximum of 13.

Nov. 14: The team travels to New York for two games at Madison Square Garden. Two of the missing players travel with the team and participate in practices outside of MSG.

Nov. 16: SLU upsets Virginia Tech of the Atlantic Coast Conference with its reduced lineup. Virginia Tech has yet to suffer another loss.

Nov. 23: Day 60 of the Title IX investigation.

Nov. 28: SLU suffers its third consecutive loss and freshman starting center Hasahn French is injured. St. Louis police say that the criminal investigation remains open.

Dec. 2: With French unable to play due to an ankle injury, SLU is down to seven scholarship players for a game at Butler. The Bulldogs win easily 75-45.

Dec. 4: Pestello sends a campus-wide email updating the status of the investigation. He says the university expects the initial report from the outside firm sometime this week.

Dec. 19: Fall semester ends and SLU beats Campbell without any sign of missing players.
Dec. 22:  SLU president Fred Pestello is asked if he can provide an update of the investigation after SLU beats SEMO: "I won’t comment on any specifics of the process, but we are committed to following the process and making sure it is done appropriately.”
Dec. 27: Attorney Scott Rosenblum says he has reviewed the final investigative report from an outside firm and is “considering all options."
Dec. 28: The Billikens leave for a seven-day trip with all players traveling to start the Atlantic 10 schedule.
Jan. 3: Day 100 of the Title IX investigation.
Jan. 5: Missing players are believed to have met with SLU officials.
Jan. 11: The Billikens leave for a game at George Mason with all players again traveling.
Jan. 16: Spring classes begin.
Jan. 17: Three SLU players — Adonys Henriquez, Ty Graves and Jermaine Bishop — tweet and retweet the message "Free the 3" before removing the posts soon after. Henriquez, Graves and Bishop have not appeared in a game this season.
Jan. 19: SLU announces it has delivered its decision on penalties to the players. Attorney Scott Rosenblum holds a press conference and announces that three players he represents were given suspensions ranging from 18 to 24 months, and that one player he doesn't represent was expelled. The Billikens depart for a game at Massachusetts with the same players who have participated in every game. Appeals are believed to have been filed.
Jan. 20: SLU takes the court with eight scholarship players, meaning that one person in uniform was given a suspension or expulsion. The Billikens beat UMass.

Jan. 22: Graves is not at practice. He does not appear at practice for the next two weeks.

Jan. 25: Henriquez and Bishop are not at practice. Athletics director Chris May says anyone not at practice has an "excused absence" and could return.

Jan. 26: Bishop returns but Henriquez does not. He has not been at practice since.

Jan. 27: The Billikens beat Dayton in front of the biggest crowd of the season. After the game, coach Travis Ford takes a microphone to midcourt and thanks the fans, saying in part "Thank you very much for sticking with these guys. ... These are good young men."

Jan. 30: An attorney representing one of the women in the case releases a statement from the woman to the Post-Dispatch. She says she is "pleased with the outcome" of the investigation, although a decision on the appeals has not been delivered. She alleges the lack of consent involving the use of a camera during the incident.

Jan. 31: SLU continues to play with its usual eight players and wins at St. Joseph's.

Feb. 2: Two weeks have passed since the penalties were announced but there is no decision on the appeals. The eight players who have been at every game practice in preparation for a game against Fordham on Saturday.