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You share your suggestion, hoping the faces around you light up.

"That's it!" you want to hear.

Instead you usually get something along the lines of, "OK, but what about this one?"

The soccer name game is all the rage. It's dominating sports radio discussion. It's bubbling at the work water cooler. It's no different here at the newspaper.

"The T-Ravs. The Real Provels. The Arch Supporters," read an email I received from the P-D features department.

I figured food writer Dan Neman was behind the movement, but it was columnist Aisha Sultan who came to the defense of the list that may or may not have had something to do with the nearing lunch hour.

A team name, I countered, should inspire fear in opponents, not hunger pains.

"Names are to draw audiences ready to pay for overpriced food!" Sultan responded.

She was mostly kidding.

I do think some would celebrate a name that honored toasted ravs, though. And I'm all for a nod to the Arch. What do I know?

Just that Tuesday's announcement of St. Louis landing an MLS expansion team is not expected to include a reveal of a team name. MLS commissioner Don Garber will be there, the league confirmed Monday. A team name will not be there.

Now, does that mean that the name is still being decided, or does it mean the decided name is simply being kept secret?

We'll know more about that Tuesday, when the league plants its expansion flag. Until the ownership group plants a flag in a team name, we will debate.

OK, but what about this one?

Here's my working list so far: 

St. Louis City: MLS was determined to be downtown. The new stadium is part of a continued effort to revitalize the area. Just ignore the fact that Orlando is named Orlando City FC. And drop the FC altogether. On the other hand, the county crowd might bristle at the name. 

St. Louis United: I like this one a lot, but would not bet the mortgage on it. The league already has three teams named United.

St. Louis Flood: A bit grim, considering it's a real threat around here, but it's regionally relevant. Hey, it worked for the San Jose Earthquake.

St. Louis Kings: Also regionally relevant. The city was named after King Louis IX. His statue at Art Hill has been an iconic image of the city since 1906. One concern: The trend of dismantling statues and shedding a brighter light on history might not be so kind to this name. Kings were not known for their tolerance, King Louis IX included.

St. Louis Archers: The Arch only offends people who are afraid of heights. I like Arch City FC more, but you have to have St. Louis in the name, right?

St. Louis Stengers: It's current. It's a layup for a mascot (hornet) and color (bright orange).

St. Louis FC: If it ain't broke ...

Twitter users offer their ideas: 

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