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Cunningham, Mizzou Tennessee

Missouri's Sophie Cunningham celebrates in the final seconds of her team's win Sunday over Tennessee at Mizzou Arena. (Mizzou Athletics photo)

The shorts were a hint.

You might have noticed them in the photos of Aijha Blackwell. Whitfield's star guard tends to roll up the legs of her uniform. For Mizzou fans, it looks awful familiar.

A short, quick story now that Blackwell has announced her college destination. She's going to Mizzou, if you have not heard. Monday night's news was a huge win for coach Robin Pingeton, her program and the school.

And it should go down as another assist for Tigers star Sophie Cunningham.

Blackwell and Cunningham have more in common than their shorts.

Ask Blackwell to list her favorite players, the people she wants to model her game after, and the connection is confirmed.

She named the following players: LeBron James, Louisville star Asia Durr and, yes, Mizzou star and noted shorts-roller herself, Sophie Cunningham.

"I can't even explain how much I watch them," Blackwell said during a recent interview. "I look at everything."

At the time of this interview, Blackwell had not yet announced her commitment. She said Pingeton's team was in her top-two, and stressed she didn't want to spoil anything, but wanted to make it clear she "really, really" liked the Tigers.

And she absolutely gushed about Cunningham.

"She is unstoppable," Blackwell said. "Her emotion. Her passion. That is exactly what I play with."

Here's how ESPN college basketball expert Dan Olson described Blackwell's game:

Ultra-athletic guard brings size to the back court; shot maker, elusive mid-range game creator, exploits smaller defenders; mid-range game delivery moves to the arc; cleans the glass and attacks coast-to-coast in transition, superb passer, court awareness; a stock-riser and an elite prospect in the class of 2019.

Blackwell and Cunningham will never play together in college. Cunningham's eligibility is up after this season. Blackwell, a senior at Whitfield, will be a Mizzou freshman next season. But Blackwell's decision to follow in Cunningham's footsteps should help Mizzou fans cope with the loss of Cunningham. Blackwell has tracked Cunningham's career closely from St. Louis. It helped her understand what kind of impact she could make at Mizzou.

Blackwell, a five-star prospect, has the impressive stats. And the swagger. She refers to herself as a "bulldog" on the court.

"I'm very flashy," she said. "I feel like I'm position-less."

Sound familiar?

Cunningham has 292 career assists. Her latest helped Mizzou score a lot more than a bucket.