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Benjamin Hochman is a sports columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Alas, the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl is not a carry-on item.

So on Monday, Craig Campbell of the Hockey Hall of Fame checked the bowl for his commercial flight from Toronto to St. Louis.

“A regular flight from Toronto,” Campbell said Tuesday. “For all we know, parents, brothers or sisters of some of the players playing in tonight's game could've been on that flight.”

The Campbell Bowl is awarded to the team that wins the Western Conference. You might have heard that on Tuesday night, the St. Louis Blues host San Jose, and if the Blues win, they get the bowl ... and a series with the Boston Bruins, in which the winner gets another piece of silver tableware.

On the phone from his hotel room, with the bowl under his watch, Campbell explained Tuesday that the bowl was named after Clarence S. Campbell – “No relation to me – or the soup company,” Craig said. Clarence was president of the NHL from 1946 to 1977. Per the Hall of Fame's site, “the trophy itself is a hallmark piece made of sterling silver and was crafted by a British Silversmith in 1878.”

So, where will the Campbell Bowl be Tuesday during Game 6?

“There will be a discreet, secure location – out of sight, out of mind,” Campbell said. “That is planned for. If we need to stage it for presentation, we know where to go from A to B.”

Did you put the Campbell Bowl in a Cab? Uber?

“We have a rental car because the day of game there's a dry-run, which I'll be heading to shortly," Campbell said. "We have a meeting just to go over it all. We have to go through the logistics of what's involved with everything from the carpet being laid down, the table, the staging of the trophy, and then the subsequent presentation of the trophy and, you know, all those little logistics and people see either live or on TV.

"It may have to be planned out beyond tonight's game, we don't know. And that's the beauty of sport and the beauty of hockey.

“It might be planned for no apparent reason for tonight, and might have to do it all over again on Thursday — or maybe not. … I'll be the guy in white gloves.”

If necessary, Game 7 is Thursday in San Jose.

While making the Stanley Cup final is the yearned-for accomplishment, the Campbell Bowl itself is sometimes shooed aside by teams, often for superstitious reasons. Or because, frankly, the only trophy that matters to some teams is the Stanley Cup.

Over the years, numerous articles have been written about the “to touch or not to touch” debate. In 1997, Flyers captain Eric Lindros started all this by not touching the trophy – though the Flyers lost the Stanley Cup Final that year. This year's Bruins, for instance, didn't touch the bowl's Eastern Conference equivalent, the the Prince of Wales Trophy.