Best Podcast in Baseball 7.26: Angles in the Outfield

From the lobby of a downtown St. Louis hotel on the eve of leaving town for the 2019 World Series, St. Louis Post-Dispatch baseball writer Derrick Goold visits with colleague and Hall of Fame baseball writer Rick Hummel about the future of the Cardinals for a brand new episode of the Best Podcast in Baseball. The two baseball writers explore improvements the Cardinals could make and changes the Cardinals need to make, and all of the conversation circles back and back again to the outfield. There are some surprise solutions, especially one involving a trade many years past its do-date, but still strangely fitting for both clubs. That right, BPIB goes straight-up chat by proposing trades. The Best Podcast in Baseball, brought to you weekly by Closets by Design of St. Louis, is a production of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch,, and Derrick Goold