Best Podcast in Baseball 4.19: Cardinals begin Campaign '17

On the outside of October looking in for the first time since 2010, the Cardinals begin building their platform for the 2017 season and another World Series pursuit. By looking back at the 2016 season -- its surprises, its disappointments -- BPIB co-hosts Derrick Goold and Benjamin Hochman, of St. Louis Post-Dispatch, peer forward to the improvements and directions the Cardinals will take this winter. Can the Cardinals be better built for the ballpark they call home, Busch Stadium? Is center field the transformative position we've long talked about? And, as a homework assignment for BPIBers, what to make of the Cubs run for their first World Series championship since 1908. Email how you're coping with the Cubs to or, and we may dedicate the next episode to you. Seriously.