Best Podcast in Baseball special: Adam Wainwright and Derrick Goold

In the middle of correcting the glitches in his delivery that led to a difficult April, Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright spoke extensively with Post-Dispatch baseball writer Derrick Goold about the work he was doing in the bullpen and the importance of feeling "uncomfortable." This interview, conducted in the visitors' clubhouse at Chase Field, became the backbone of a Cardinals Insider in the May 1, 2016 edition of The Post-Dispatch. It was reworked here for an exclusive Best Podcast in Baseball Special, one that hopefully adds depth and further context to the article that appeared in print and online at BPIB co-host Goold and the Cardinals righthander talk about his curveball, the age question, and the 11-inch solution Wainwright, with a team of helpers, discovered and how he implemented it. Since, he's made two starts and won both, getting a grip on his curveball and taking steps during each that he predicted during this interview.