Best Podcast in Baseball 6.13: Strained Expectations

Within a span of 24 hours, Cardinals uber-prospect Alex Reyes made his first start in the majors in 20 months -- and then found himself back on the disabled list. A "significant" muscle strain near his shoulder will likely leave Reyes out of the rotation for several months, and that underscores the situation the Cardinals are in: With 11 different DL moves in May and more than 40 transactions in the month, they are not the team they intended to be, and now they don't have the rookie blowtorch they expected to throw at the National League Central. Do they need their better players back? Or, do they need to play better? In this brand new Best Podcast in Baseball, brought to you weekly by Lumberlend Co., St. Louis Post-Dispatch baseball writer Derrick Goold and columnist Benjamin Hochman review the news on Reyes and then plunge into a discussion on how much expectations should change because of an injury-riddled roster -- or if those expectations should at all. Coaches are discussed. The offense is questioned. And listeners are reminded that if worst come to worst they can always DFA the Wookiee. DFA the Wookiee.