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McCluer South-Berkeley00000530

OverallLeaguePts For/AvgPts Agst/Avg
McCluer South-Berkeley1-71-334/497/12

McCluer South-BerkeleyABRHRBI2B3BHR
Javon Howard3120000
Robert Coates4110000
Torreon Smith (Sr.)2100000
Cody Ragsdale (Jr.)3100000
Kevon James0100000

Quentin Herndon (#22, CF)3410010
Matt Sitzes (#9, OF)3222100
Mansoor Amin (#3, P)2213000
Bruce Abrigo (#24, P)0200000
Sulaiman Amin (#30, Uti)2200000
Tommy Pratt (#1, 3B)4111100
Logan Donica (#17, P)3112000
Nick Shields (#4, LF)3100000
Tom Hamilton (#15, C)2010000

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