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Lutheran St. Charles0000000060

OverallLeaguePts For/AvgPts Agst/Avg
Lutheran St. Charles15-96-0167/7104/4

Lutheran St. CharlesABRHRBI2B3BHR
Sam Hurayt (#3, P, Sr.)3020000
Zach Floyd (#1, INF, Sr.)3010000
Kyle Rudloff (#13, 2B, Sr.)3010000
Tanner Mueller (#9, P, So.)3010000
Josh Turner (OF, So.)3010000

Tyler Glosemeyer (#2, 5-6, OF, Sr.)1210000
Louie Eckelkamp IV (#4, 5-9, C, Sr.)0201000
Jack Czeschin (#23, 5-10, IF, Jr.)3120000
Joe Schmidt (#7, 6-3, IF, Sr.)4110000
Bryce Mayer (#14, 6-0, IF, Jr.)2100000
Adam Molitor (#12, 6-0, C, Sr.)3013000
Brandon Stahlman (#30, 6-2, P, Jr.)2013100

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