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Cardinal Ritter10000100
Hazelwood East202341180

OverallLeaguePts For/AvgPts Agst/Avg
Cardinal Ritter0-10-01/111/11
Hazelwood East1-00-011/111/1

Cardinal Ritter
Individual stats Have not been reported.

Hazelwood EastABRHRBI2B3BHR
Ricardo Young (#4, 6-0, INF, Sr.)3330120
Ettien Rodgers (#7, 5-6, OF., So.)3220000
Jaden Smith (#12, 6-4, OF, Jr.)0200000
Dearis McShan (#2, 6-2, C, Sr.)4110010
Tyler Lyons (#6, 5-8, OF, So.)1111000
Juan Roby (#9, 5-7, OF/, So.)1100000
Jayden Tobias (#9, 5-10, INF, Sr.)2100000
Jacob Daniel (#10, 6-0, INF, Jr.)3010000

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