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University City72817120

OverallLeaguePts For/AvgPts Agst/Avg
University City7-35-0104/2132/6

Individual stats Have not been reported.

University CityABRHRBI2B3BHR
Ian Feld (#15, 6-1, P, So.)2322100
Henry Giles (#3, 6-0, P, Jr.)2320010
Billy Walker (#1, 5-6, OF, So.)3221000
Daniel Looby (#11, 6-1, P, Fr.)3221000
DeAngelo Davis (#5, 5-11, OF, Jr.)1212001
Justin Norman (#4, 5-11, C, So.)2200000
Chance Pinkston (#12, 5-6, IF, Fr.)1111100
Thomas Looby (#6, 6-2, IF, Sr.)3112000
Larion Corley (#2, 5-6, OF, Fr.)0100000
Joshua Rhiney (#8, 5-5, IF, So.)4012000

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