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Crystal City1011161148
Valle Catholic1620121159
OverallLeaguePts For/AvgPts Against/Avg
Crystal City9-170-51383/531524/59
Valle Catholic9-50-0797/31693/27
Crystal CityPtsFG3FGFTFL
Drew Richardson (#23, 6-2, W, Jr.)114-90-33-34
Collin Wilkerson (#20, 5-11, G, Sr.)112-51-54-61
Nate Denby (#33, 6-2, P, Jr.)94-701-13
Hunter Bassin (#11, 5-11, G, So.)51-11-203
Donovan Tullock (#55, 6-0, G, So.)42-60-403
Connor Lowe (#22, 6-0, W, Sr.)301-203
Blake Eisenbeis (#21, 5-9, W, Jr.)301-202
Griffin Morris (#12, 6-1, W, Sr.)21-2001
Crystal City
Individual stats Have not been reported.

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