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Bunker Hill13951138
Wood River1111111346
OverallLeaguePts For/AvgPts Against/Avg
Bunker Hill4-171-4903/431196/57
Wood River9-181-21164/551379/66
Bunker Hill
Individual stats Have not been reported.
Wood RiverPtsFG3FGFTFL
Zion Adams (#23, 6-0, Sr.)203-44-62-30
Jake Wells (#20, 6-2, Jr.)134-51-82-32
Ahmad Allen (#3, 5-10, So.)60-11-23-44
Andrew Raymond (#22, 6-3, Jr.)41-402-52
Reggie Newtall (#2, 6-0, Sr.)21-100-21
Evan Merritt (#33, 6-3, So.)10-401-22

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