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Daily performances

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Boys Basketball Best Performances from 12/23/2021

Scoring Leaders
Connor TurnbullFort Zumwalt North3434.0
Grayson RogersRitenour2222.0
Chris KetchumSt. Charles2222.0
Raynard HorryFort Zumwalt West2222.0
Garett HarrellMarissa1919.0
Dwight Lomax, JrFrancis Howell1818.0
Chase HurstMarissa1818.0
Oliver KokalParkway Central1818.0
Zyree CollinsSt. Mary's1818.0
Ethan HatfieldFort Zumwalt West1818.0
Jack SteinbachLadue1717.0
Ethan FaussClayton1616.0
Joe SiervoParkway Central1616.0
Brian SchenbergParkway Central1515.0
Evan RenzParkway South1515.0

3 Point leaders)
Chris KetchumSt. Charles44.00
Connor TurnbullFort Zumwalt North33.00
Jack SteinbachLadue33.00
Evan RenzParkway South33.00
Kameron TaylorSt. Mary's33.00
Ethan HatfieldFort Zumwalt West33.00
Soren SteinbeckerClayton22.00
Amorion OliphantDuchesne22.00
Lynden SandersFort Zumwalt North22.00
Jayden BanksMICDS22.00
Marcus ColemanMICDS22.00
Mark MintzlaffMICDS22.00
Gabe JamesFrancis Howell22.00
Dwight Lomax, JrFrancis Howell22.00
Jackson FreemanLadue22.00
Fischer ThompsonLadue22.00
Tanner MiddendorfMarissa22.00
Brian SchenbergParkway Central22.00
Grayson RogersRitenour22.00
Micah SalamoneSt. Charles22.00

Free throw leaders
Kobe AndersonFort Zumwalt North66100.0
Ryan GrimmettSt. Charles66100.0
Eric LytleClayton44100.0
Ryan GancarzDuchesne22100.0
George ProngerMICDS22100.0
Jack KocherKirkwood22100.0
Jack SteinbachLadue22100.0
Eddie AhearnParkway South22100.0
Jayden BarnettRitenour22100.0
Grayson RogersRitenour22100.0
Blake WiggsSt. Charles22100.0
Holden SouterWhitfield22100.0
Jayden WilliamsWhitfield22100.0
Rhett DouglasLiberty22100.0
Santana BoldenClayton11100.0
David SmithParkway South11100.0
Nick LewisWhitfield11100.0
Adrian LeeLiberty11100.0
Travis Green IIIWhitfield5683.3
Nolan SimonWhitfield5683.3

Assist leaders
Jack SteinbachLadue88.00
Alex VidalClayton44.00
Jayden BanksMICDS44.00
Santana BoldenClayton33.00
Lorenzo McGrayLadue33.00
Brandon Mitchell-DayMICDS22.00
Tony NunnMICDS22.00
Fischer ThompsonLadue22.00
Josh ChatmanClayton11.00
Ethan FaussClayton11.00
Soren SteinbeckerClayton11.00
Marcus ColemanMICDS11.00
Brin LewisMICDS11.00
Dominic WeaverMICDS11.00
Trisiah EdwardsLadue11.00
Myles GilderLadue11.00
Logan MalottLadue11.00
Jaylen SwinneyLadue11.00

Steal leaders
Brandon Mitchell-DayMICDS55.00
Tony NunnMICDS33.00
Jack SteinbachLadue33.00
DeCarlos BrownClayton22.00
Soren SteinbeckerClayton22.00
Jason KluthoMICDS22.00
Ethan FaussClayton11.00
Oliver PollackClayton11.00
Alex VidalClayton11.00
Jayden BanksMICDS11.00
Mark MintzlaffMICDS11.00
Sam GoellnerLadue11.00
Lorenzo McGrayLadue11.00
Jaylen SwinneyLadue11.00

Rebound leaders
Ethan FaussClayton88.0
Tony NunnMICDS55.0
Lorenzo McGrayLadue55.0
Jaylen SwinneyLadue55.0
DeCarlos BrownClayton44.0
Soren SteinbeckerClayton44.0
Marcus ColemanMICDS44.0
Jason KluthoMICDS44.0
Jackson FreemanLadue44.0
Fischer ThompsonLadue44.0
Brandon Mitchell-DayMICDS33.0
George ProngerMICDS33.0
Domenic FenoglioLadue33.0
Sam GoellnerLadue33.0
Jack SteinbachLadue33.0
Brin LewisMICDS22.0
Mark MintzlaffMICDS22.0
Mason SwartzMICDS22.0
Myles GilderLadue22.0
Santana BoldenClayton11.0

Blocked shot leaders
Ethan FaussClayton22.00
Brandon Mitchell-DayMICDS22.00
Jason KluthoMICDS11.00
Sam GoellnerLadue11.00
Jack SteinbachLadue11.00
All information is as reported by the teams as of 12/23/2021.
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