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Best performances

Best performances

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Best passing performances (1+ PaY)

Bryce Revermann, Mater Dei (vs Alton Marquette, 9/17)10-12-03635
Brian Brown, Lutheran North (vs Westminster, 9/18)15-23-03435
Brent Wuebbels, Highland (vs Jerseyville, 9/17)21-29-03304
Chase Hanson, Mascoutah (vs Waterloo, 9/17)20-29-12984
Wade Ellison, Winfield (vs St. Charles West, 9/17)12-20-02775
Micheal Hopkins, McCluer (vs University City, 9/18)10-16-02715
Payton Hoker, Fort Zumwalt North (vs Washington, 9/17)6-10-02634
Cooper Brown, Holt (vs Timberland, 9/17)22-30-12604
Josh Baker-Mays, Duchesne (vs Quincy Notre Dame, 9/17)16-34-22581
Caelon Weir, Warrenton (vs St. Charles, 9/17)17-29-12456
Liam Hughes, Union (vs Pacific, 9/17)10-14-02212
Bryer Arview, Civic Memorial (vs Triad, 9/17)15-26-02112
Landon Funderburg, Freeburg (vs Breese Central, 9/17)14-28-02071
Aaron Coffey, Lutheran St. Charles (vs Hermann, 9/17)6-9-02072
Louis Kavanaugh, Kirkwood (vs Ladue, 9/17)13-17-02033
Freddie McMahon, Dupo (vs Wesclin, 9/17)9-32-11921
Landon Geragosian, Breese Central (vs Freeburg, 9/17)7-18-21801
Ja'Tarius McKinney, Hazelwood West (vs Oakville, 9/17)7-18-41782
Gerard Grewe, Priory (vs MICDS, 9/18)17-32-31781
Colt Michael, O'Fallon (vs Edwardsville, 9/17)15-25-11742

Best rushing performances (7+ Rsh)

Malik Nave, Althoff (vs Mount Vernon, Illinois, 9/17)342335
Brennan Wilson, Fort Zumwalt East (vs Francis Howell North, 9/17)262183
Jerry Richardson, Collinsville (vs Charleston, Illinois, 9/17)162122
Damien Moore, Oakville (vs Hazelwood West, 9/17)301983
Logan Counsell, Wesclin (vs Dupo, 9/17)171945
Ethan Venable, Oakville (vs Hazelwood West, 9/17)121930
Kyle Nunn, Fort Zumwalt West (vs Francis Howell, 9/17)281811
Makai Parton, Pacific (vs Union, 9/17)271792
Cameron Hagen, Grandview (vs Russellville, 9/18)101691
Micheal Hopkins, McCluer (vs University City, 9/18)111683
Owen Birkner, Carlyle (vs Red Bud, 9/17)291661
Jake Hnilo, Lindbergh (vs Webster Groves, 9/17)141504
Deion Brown, Kirkwood (vs Ladue, 9/17)271442
Jaxin Patterson, Hillsboro (vs North County, 9/17)91422
Steven Hall, MICDS (vs Priory, 9/18)81421
Jamarion Price, Hazelwood Central (vs Seckman, 9/18)71412
John Clay, Brentwood (vs Orchard Farm, 9/17)191281
Latterion West, Orchard Farm (vs Brentwood, 9/17)181280
Lionel Banks, Hazelwood Central (vs Seckman, 9/18)101213
Kyle Wuebbeling, Holt (vs Timberland, 9/17)251190

Best receiving performances (3+ Rec)

Austin Carson, Winfield (vs St. Charles West, 9/17)51974
Cameron Haag, Mater Dei (vs Alton Marquette, 9/17)51702
Logan Stevens, Dupo (vs Wesclin, 9/17)81631
Eli Hoerner, Freeburg (vs Breese Central, 9/17)81441
Kevon Jacobs, Lutheran North (vs Westminster, 9/18)81441
Kameron Gillespie, McCluer (vs University City, 9/18)31433
Gavin Marsh, Marquette (vs Northwest Cedar Hill, 9/17)31342
Ethan Kissell, Duchesne (vs Quincy Notre Dame, 9/17)41320
Luke Parmentier, Civic Memorial (vs Triad, 9/17)41251
Derek Brandt, Owensville (vs St. James, 9/17)51203
Cyril Ikeh, St. Mary's (vs Borgia, 9/17)31201
Tyler Macon, Kirkwood (vs Ladue, 9/17)41193
Alexander Fillner, Liberty (Wentzville) (vs Fort Zumwalt South, 9/17)31141
Cade Altadonna, Highland (vs Jerseyville, 9/17)81122
Winston Moore, MICDS (vs Priory, 9/18)41101
Jackson Smith, Holt (vs Timberland, 9/17)111092
Kellen Brnfre, Edwardsville (vs O'Fallon, 9/17)61021
Armani Turner, Hazelwood Central (vs Seckman, 9/18)51021
Drew Krobath, Summit (vs Hazelwood East, 9/18)51011
Allen Middleton, Mascoutah (vs Waterloo, 9/17)10991
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