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OverallLeaguePts For/AvgPts Against/Avg

First Quarter

C: 12 pass from ( kick), 8:27

Cah: Quinton Jones 8 run ( kick), 6:38

C: 9 pass from ( kick), 2:34

Second Quarter

Cah: Vincent Perry 1 run (Emori Lee kick), 2:20

Third Quarter

Cah: Vincent Perry 30 run (Emori Lee kick), 6:04

Cah: Steve McCall 18 pass from Chris Bradley (Emori Lee kick), 4:03

Fourth Quarter

C: 10 run ( run), 4:50

C: 9 run (run failed), 1:20

Cah: Chris Bradley 19 run (kick failed), 0:01

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