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BELLVILLE Althoff senior guard Kyleigh Vaught’s little hesitation move was all it took to shake up Mater Dei’s defense.

For either her or her partner in crime, Maggie Reimer.

The Crusaders rode the hot hands of Vaught and Reimer all the way to a 59-49 victory over Mater Dei in a non-league contest on Wednesday.

“Those two are fantastic. They had 49 of our 59 points,” Althoff coach Nick Knolhoff said. “That’s probably one of the first nights where they both went off like that. They’re an inside-outside combo and they feed off each other. Kyleigh is such a deadly shooter, so when I put them in a pick-and-roll scenario and they switch, then we’ve got Maggie inside.”

Vaught finished with 27 points. Reimer added 22.

The pair clicked from the opening whistle. When Vaught had the ball at the top of the key, she would make a little hesitation move that froze the defense just enough to either give an opening for her or Reimer at the rim.

“I mean my teammates know how to look for the ball and they know I’m not a selfish player,” Vaught said. “They know that when I go to the basket, I’m looking for my teammates first. I trust them and they are going to knock down the shots nine out of 10 times.”

Vaught even made a few no-look passes to Reimer in the paint.

“Me and Maggie played through the summer together,” Vaught said. “We really click together and it showed tonight. She knows where to be and I know where to find her. It’s just that connection and summer ball really helped us.”

Mater Dei coach Dave Kohnen threw a variety of looks at the pair of scorers, but could not slow them down.

“We tried our best, but they’re good ball players,” Kohnen said. “You can’t take away from that. They came to play tonight and they scored.”

While Vaught and Reimer carried the load on offense, it was Althoff’s defense that stymied the Mater Dei offense, giving it different looks and forcing the Knights to take shots they didn’t want.

“We had some misalignments there and we didn’t get the right shots that we wanted, but that’s a learning process too,” Kohnen said.

Kierra Winkler led Mater Dei with 14 points. Kelsey Gerdes added 11 points in the loss.

With both of his star players on fire, Knolhoff slowed the game down in the second half.

“I wanted to take them out of their comfort zone and make them play a half-court man-to-man defense where Maggie and Kyleigh could get to the rim,” Knolhoff said. “In my opinion, I didn’t think anyone on that team could guard them and I had the lead, so I was just trying to shorten the game.”

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