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LADUE — Brandon Miller's jacket cast a golden hue that has become all too familiar.

A standout runner for the John Burroughs track and field team, Miller and his bright attire fit in nicely with the gold medals and trophies that accompanied the record-breaking runner on stage as he made a big decision.

With his family and friends in attendance in a standing-room-only auditorium, Miller made it official as he signed his binding national letter of intent Tuesday to continue his career at Texas A&M University.

"It just had everything I wanted," Miller said. "From the facility, where it was located, but most importantly, it was the relationships I formed with the coaches and teammates. They have a really good program for my major, it's just everything I ever wanted in a school."

Miller has burned a path through the record book in Missouri. The senior set the state record in the 800-meter run (1:49.55) in 2018 and has six individual state championships to his name.

Miller also holds the meet record at the Festival of Miles for both the 1600 (4:25.02) and 800 (1:50.00) races and claimed the 800 Brooks PR National Meet championship (1:51.00) in 2018.

The John Burroughs speed demon had plenty of schools to choose from, but Texas A&M checked all the boxes.

"He couldn't have made a bad choice," John Burroughs coach Daniel Harris said. "All of the schools would have given him an opportunity to grow as a student-athlete. It doesn't take long for someone like me that's a junkie like to see some of the individuals they've signed the last few weeks to think about adding to that group, A&M has to be happy to add him."

Miller also broke the school record in the 800, 1600 and 400-meter, but his junior season was cut short when he chased the 200-meter dash record and suffered a partial tear in his hamstring.

"It was terrifying," Angela Miller, his mother and coach said. "All I saw was him fall and roll. I just took off in a full sprint. I immediately called our physical therapist and they told us what to do."

After having a night to process his injury, Miller just got right back to work.

"I was kind of bummed because I was on top of the world one day, and then rock bottom the next," Miller said. "Every day was a grind. It was definitely a grind, a lot of hard days. Shout out to my physical therapist. They helped me through not just the physical but the mental part of it."

Having his family by his side helped him power through the therapy.

"My family is everything to me," Miller said. "They're my rock. I know at the end of the day they're all I have. They have a special place in my heart."

Being his mother and his coach has given Angela Miller a different perspective to her son's athletic development.

"Being his coach is tough because it's hard enough to get to the top, but it's even harder to stay there," Angela Miller said. "Each year he wanted to break a record. It was up to me that his training, his nutrition was where it needed to be."

She's also helped her son maintain a hyper competitiveness that runs in the family. Brandon's older brother, DJ Miller, is a freshman defensive back at Iowa State University.

"He was born with it," Angela Miller said. "It may have been passed down because his dad and I are incredibly competitive but he's always been that competitive."

While it may look like it comes easy for Miller, who plans to major in sports broadcasting and journalism, Harris knows just how much effort his star runner has put in.

"I think it's more about his hard work and the way he does that in such a relentless kind of way," Harris said. "That's why he's accomplished what he has. Not just the raw gift, that's just a compliment to the work he's put in."

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