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Cardinals Nationals Spring Baseball

Outfield prospect Randy Arozarena (83) is congratulated after scoring a run during a Cardinals' spring training game against Washington in late February. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

QUESTION: So the Cards have struggled all year at the leadoff spot, have a guy in Memphis who’s been tearing it up leading off in Arozarena, yet they refuse to bring him up because they can’t guarantee he’d get adequate playing time? Meanwhile, Shildt keeps starting Tommy Edman in the outfield? Are fans just getting trolled by the front office here?

GORDO: Funny, a few weeks ago fans were demanding that Tommy Edman play all the time and hit leadoff. Then he suffered his reality check, which often happens at the big league level.

Now fans are championing Arozarena, a guy most of them hadn't thought about or even heard about. If this guy keeps hitting, he will get his chance. But the Cardinals are more focused on how to handle their pitching on the 40-man roster right now. They have gotten a few guys through waivers after taking them off the 40-man, but that is tricky business.

Follow-up: Is there a good explanation why Lane Thomas isn't at least getting a look? He is fast, plays good defense and seems to have a little pop in his bat.

GORDO: Lane is getting a look now and he has done fine with his fill-win work. Should the Cardinals bench a regular outfielder for a guy who was hitting .268 in Memphis after more than 2,000 minor league plate appearances? Probably not.